Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Calfs Will Play and One Day So Will the Baby Bison

In the cool of the evening after the rain, I watched a group of four calfs run and play all about the pasture. Another group of young ones played just as hard on the top of the hill. The cows didn't seem to be too bothered by the rambunctiousness unless they frolicked a little too close for comfort. The main instigator looked to be running out of steam and so he did what every kid knows to do when you are tired and don't want pay back, run to your mama. That little calf got right under his mom's neck and stood there all innocent like. Once he caught his breath, he was back out there with his friends running amok. It was a little stampede-ette or maybe it was running out that last little bit of pent up energy before settling in for the night. The whole cow scene was a nice surprise because I was working at the desk when their play caught my eye. I love seeing scenes like that play out here in rural America.  

This afternoon I am watching the bees having a field day of pollinating and honey making  with all their activity around the red bud tree. The sun today makes the pinkish purplish buds radiate with color. Sometimes the contrast of colors from the birds perching in the tree is almost too much to take in. Some of the buds are giving way to green leaves. The same process is happening with the pear tree out front but the beauty of those buds giving way is with the wind the gentle falling of flowers looks a tad bit like snow. Speaking of snow, we might have a frost tonight with the temps falling below freezing. I think all the rain has evaporated off the roads so it might not cause black ice.

Yesterday Brenda and I went out to lunch and then went to the bird supply store to get decals for our windows. I also got another birdbath to put along side the feeder in the front. We stopped at The Pink House which is a combo of junk, antiques and cute things. Of course I loved it! The man who owns the camels, bison and elk just down the way from both of us, Brenda is a close by neighbor as well as friend from church, knew that the bison had been moved to another farm along Old NC Highway 20. We were hoping that the bison had given birth this spring and the little bison calfs would be running about and playing like their cousins the cows. We found the pastures but all the soon to be mamas were lying down. So none of them had bingoed yet. This is the road that Emily and I were on last summer when saw a road sign that neither one of us recognized but soon we knew what it meant...the paved road would soon turn into a gravel road. From Brenda's front yard you can really see the TN mountain range. She has some beautiful views.

Last night I met Vivian and Bill at Turkey Creek Cafe for supper. Beginning in the middle of April they will be open on Saturday nights and will have live blue grass music. Oh my goodness! I love me some blue grass. I ordered the steak as per usual. Very delicious!

Today was pizza and painting at the parsonage day by the Embrace Women's Ministry at church. I should have taken some pictures. The parsonage has been in the midst of a major remodel either for furlough missionaries or the new music minister that our church is searching for. Wow, that is really a huge parsonage! We came to wash windows and paint trim around the doors and oh paint the doors. I had bought some coveralls to wear when working outside the house and decided they would be the perfect outfit for today. Note to are older now and cannot wait to the last minute to potty which these things on. When I was younger I had a pair and loved wearing them when I volunteered for work days at church and the like. My main job today was bringing pizza. I went to the French Broad Community Store in person to order them. I have learned when you order more than two pizzas over the phone, they kind of think it's a joke. Then I went onto church and returned at the appointed time to bring them back to all us hungry workers. We had homemade cookies for dessert, Karen made those.

I am so fortunate to live here. To be able to take in the sights of bison, camels and elk or watch cows and horses. It is good to be tucked away here in the mountains, in a valley on a hill. I love serving with others at our mountain church. I am so blessed! Why I feel like a baby calf on a cool evening wanting to run about and play...well, that's not going to happen...I'll just be happy in my heart and keep a playful attitude about me. Don't want to be too serious, cranky or bitter.

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