Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Wonderful Monday in the Mountains

The UPS man, Aaron, and I lamented that the temps today did not reach the mid 70's as had been predicted. I don't think the temperature even made it to 65 and there has been a strong wind almost all day. With the wind it feels much cooler. The day began with vivid sunshine but the day has mainly been overcast. Mike the mower man was here today working on the water shoot or water distribution system that he and Roy talked about. He mainly worked on the side of the house I rarely get close to because of hazardous deck stairs and the uncertainty of ground that is not very level. Now there is a recipe for disaster, at least for me. Slowly but surely we are working on these things so we might have optimal enjoyment of all our land but clearly I mean yard, the flat part of the front yard. We need to find someone who is able to make some very simple railings to go along the side of the stone steps.

Buddy has taken advantage today of all the windows available to her for bird and squirrel watching. When we lived in our condo she had limited bird visibility, then our home in Katy gave her a better view with numerous choices. But here, she has windows multiplied to view the happenings and her vantage points are all rather comfortable for her. In Katy she retreated under the bed quite a bit and slept on the soft blanket we had placed there for just that reason. We duplicated that for her here and it seems she has only used that under the bed blanket twice. I believe the blanket will be removed for more storage space. She has plenty of places here where she can nestle in and be almost invisible. She and I had a little tiff with each other before I left for choir last night. She was lying next to me on the couch as I watched the webcast of First Baptist. I moved my arm and the next thing I know she is biting my wrist and flailing those armed front paws of hers. I pushed her off the couch and she looked ready for round two, so I moved on finishing up gathering trash and then getting ready to head out the door for choir. When I got home I ignored her but I let her sit on my lap when she jumped on it. Of course this made for a long sleepless night because she was restless and needy and wanting attention. She finally settled. I think she must have been having an old lady cat cranky moment. She acts like she feels good but she is slowing down in her old age. Really, we both have that in common. I watched a couple of episodes of My Cat From Hell the other night but I think Buddy is acting more like cranky granny from assisted living. But then she can turn around and be the sweetest thing, which she is for the most part but this every other night of no sleep is weighing on me.

I had a couple of errands to run today and I had planned to drive somewhere or do something but I slept late cause I was up several times last night with an unsettled cat. It still boggles my mind that I am just an hour away from TN and just a little over an hour and half from Virginia. I have never been to either Virginia and hope to rectify that this year. In the spring and fall there are so many festivals or farmers markets.

My book is calling out to me. It is one of those type of books that you want to read slowly because you will be upset once you finish it. Another autobiography is essay form. Since I have been reading this author since 1984 and had a friend who was a friend of the family, it is very comfortable reading knowing the struggles this author has gone through and the victory she has attained. No it is not a Christian book but it is interesting and full of rich tales.

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