Friday, April 8, 2016

Wearied Just a Bit and Some Long Ago Tennis Thoughts

It is a rare day that I wake up feeling like I feel today. All the major joints in my body hurt, along with some muscle ache. The nerves around my incision while being dormant for a bit have decided to again pursue waking up and while that is a good thing in the big picture, in the smaller view it adds to the randomness of this pain today. I could feel it last night waking me up several time with pain in my ankles and then in my knees. So today I am staying around home wearing the lovely scent of Icy Hot and essential oils. Icy Hot is winning the fragrance battle. Even Buddy knows it is not a good day for me and is hanging around nearby and that is not her usual daytime practice. It is making the venture outside to the back deck more treacherous because normally when she hears the screen door open and close, it doesn't necessitate her coming downstairs to investigate. The only reason I have needed to go out on the deck is to secure things because the wind has picked up and the weather services are forecasting wind gusts up to forty miles an hour. I think I have done everything that needs to be done out there so I find myself back in the house and I should probably reapply more Icy Hot. I am fortunate because I rarely feel this bad. I am also thankful for an understanding friend who let me cancel our lunch plans.  Earlier I decided to go back to bed and hopefully that would reboot me. It did a little but I still think it is a wait it out kind of day. So nothing is better for a wait it out day than wearing my favorite tattered sweatshirt and some warm up pants. Just like pajamas only it makes you feel like you have made an effort.

First Baptist Houston is celebrating their 175th anniversary. That is pretty special. I enjoyed watching Joanna Poor, longtime member and Stephen Murray on the feature one of the stations in Houston did yesterday. They have also posted on FB pictures of the redesigned chapel and it is just downright beautiful! It always felt so dark in there and they have opened it up with windows and lighting. Job well done and I can't wait to see it in person. The choir is also releasing a new album this weekend to celebrate 175 years. It is called People of the Church and it will also be available on iTunes.
Well, no surprise here, it is Friday morning. I am feeling better but not back to normal, whatever that is. The northern sky has that look of cold weather a coming. Now through Sunday morning we can expect low overnight temps and a hard freeze. The snow icon has shown back up on the forecast so who knows? I am thrilled to see another sunny day.

Buddy and I had our first bunny sighting of the spring season. We were privileged to see two bunnies this morning but then they got into a bunny fight and as all things seem to happen, one of them went under the deck. That is where all the wild things go. Mike the Mower man is going to put up chicken wire once he completes the rock project. That will help somewhat.

The clay court tennis championship is happening this week at River Oaks Country Club and there was a day when I was out there quite a bit. You could always find tickets for the earlier games in the week and there for a while the company Roy works for was a sponsor of the tournament. It is not a major tournament by any means but it holds a lot of tradition in Houston. The best tickets were the ones from Roy's company because that meant you got tickets to be in the club level which was enclosed and full of freebies, like food and drink. I never was interested in the semi final or final. For so many years that was the social event where one dressed up to attend an outdoor match in the Houston heat and humidity. Oh the humanity...I mean the humidity. No, I liked going during the day when you could wear your tennis togs or in the evening with club passes and you just had to be dressed business casual. Funny, I used to watch all the majors on TV and keep up with players but now not so much. The tennis season of life was rather fun and I got to be a part of so many things I would have never been a part of. I have always said I was in their world but not of it. Had the best seats for theater and opera. Once, I went with a group of friends to the ballet. We sat in one of those side boxes but the best thing was we had our dinner served to us right outside the box, dessert was served there during intermission and we had access to private bathrooms. I was ruined! I was given tickets to so many things and I was ruined to ever attend as a normal everyday kind of person. When I was home in January I ran into a tennis friend at Bistro N in the Nord. We visited a few minutes and time had taken a toll on tennis. I gave it up so many years ago and this friend had to stop playing in recent years. The rumor floating about for years with this friend was, she put a hundred thousand dollars in her sock drawer every January and that was her chump change for incidentals. I once asked her if that was true and she could neither confirm nor deny. Then I teasingly said, no, you have a drawer just for socks? We had a great laugh over that. I met many interesting people playing tennis. There was the smattering of mob wives, kept women, rich women and then there was me. I was there to play tennis. Several friends left the club because their husbands were being investigated for white collar crime. It was always kind of fun to mention that my group tennis lesson was right after President Bush's, the father, tennis lesson. He would talk to us and tell us jokes. He wouldn't know me from Adam. We also went to a few parties where a Bush relative might be in attendance. Funny, we were always told to steer clear of one particular relative because he usually had some sort of thing going that needed investors and most didn't see any return on their investment. Hey, no problem because once again we were in their world but not of it. Now that relative is involved in the Cruz campaign on the financial end. Hmmm....

Well, the day is going to get colder and windier so I better get moving. Have a couple of errands to run. Then meeting Vivian and Bill for dinner.

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