Thursday, April 28, 2016

When You Love Your Days

The sound of pressure washing is in the air. Jesse and Tonya are here pressure washing the house. This is one of those things you don't even know anything about and we kind of ignored doing anything about it last year. Since we did that, now we know why you have this done.

The evening held showers around our area and we were blessed to get a few of those intermittent showers, a couple were more than just light rain. After capping, sugaring and getting strawberries ready for the freezer, I sat here on the couch and watched the sun go down and the backyard turn a marvelous contrast of the dark dirt and the brilliant, ever changing greens of the trees, grasses and shrubs. It seems like overnight the rose bush has pink buds beginning to open. There are splashes of color about the yard in yellows and pinks. I bought some flowers at Lowe's that I will plant later today that will add more yellows and a few pops of red. I think I will try doing the flower boxes that fit on the porch and deck railings again. By mid summer last year I tired of them but I will give them a try one more time. I would really like to get some plants for the front of the house but until I get railings put up by stone steps, access is limited for me.

Yesterday Vivian and I headed out to the Moose Cafe for breakfast. Yum and delicious! Then we went over to the farmer's market. We both bought strawberries but she also bought fresh green beans. It's the most wonderful time of the year...soon that is...produce stand season! We wandered through JJ Israel and Sons Nursery checking out the vibrant bedding plants and all the herbs and such. I am kind of waiting to put out snap dragons, zinnias and lantana. I am waiting until I see some for sale. Also waiting on Mike the Mower Man to plant the trees that will be more like a hedge in the back and that should be in the next few weeks. Vivian and I drove through the Biltmore Estate to see the azaleas. What a wondrous show and display of color. My favorites up here are the orange azaleas which are wild here in NC.

Roy is also scheduling either a fixing of the roof or a complete new roof which will be a metal roof. He also has some inspections scheduled. I hate making those kinds of phone calls.

I was happy to get everything over to the church for the yard sale this weekend to benefit missions. My last run was on Tuesday as I took clothes and shoes. How can we accumulate so much in such a little bit of time? Hopefully, since I live out in the country my impulse purchases will reduce. Well, they have but now I will include online delivered purchases.

It felt like it was coming down to the wire but I got the call yesterday that Christine had a cancellation and would I like it. Well, yes, thank you! So now I can go to Erin's graduation with stylish hair that is to the best of my ability to do good hair. It is not that I have such complicated hair but I have cowlicks and the hair on the top of my head is unruly and needs texturizing and layering.

The other night I decided to get out a rocking chair and sit near the tree that fills with birds in the evening. I sat there taking in the delightful songs and calls of these mountains. With the trees gaining new leafs daily and with spring showing up in a big way, the birds are making their nests in nearby trees and by evening sit on these big two trees in my neighbors yard and sing their hearts out. While I was taking in nature's symphony my neighbor up the way and over to the left came over to visit. She had all the scoop on our new neighbors that bought Jennifer the equestrian, place. When we got here in March the for sale sign was down and it looked deserted. They sold their farm but we didn't know to who. The economy is coming back around here and developers have been buying up pieces of land to build houses. We were kind of waiting to see how low the price would go on the horse farm cause we would be interested if the price were right. Our neighbor said a military family has purchased the farm. The father still has one last tour of duty in Hawaii and then he and wife his and two children will be moving in, planting veggies, have some chickens and various farm animals. I think they were here over the weekend but I didn't get a chance to meet them.

The house looks good, my errands have been run. I'm fixing to go out back and plant my flowers.

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