Friday, April 29, 2016

All On A Thursday

Today I had my first bear sighting. Not out here in the country, not on the Biltmore Estate but in was running behind the Cracker Barrel and trying to jump the fence of the building next to CB. It was a papa or mama bear, probably a papa because there weren't any little bear cubs running with the grown up bear. I was so tempted to try and take a picture but you know a little thing like driving along the freeway kind of stopped me from doing that. Then I thought is this an emergency? Should I call 911? That is when I saw some police flashing lights ahead and I thought maybe I should tell them about the bear but then I saw they had come to the aid of a motorcyclist that had taken a curve too quickly and wiped out. Being the orthopedic specialist that I am not, I saw his feet and I could deduce that the guy probably had a broken hip. So, I just hoped that no one at Cracker Barrel came face to face with the bear in the back of the parking lot. Later I asked Vivian if I should have called 911 and she assured me, seeing a bear in Asheville is not unlikely or an emergency. There are a lot of bears in the city.

I was prepared to make a Target stop but I found what I needed at Home Goods. If you look at policies of many stores, banks, airlines, drug stories, they are no different than Target. So, are you going to boycott everything, go off the grid and live off the land? Probably not. You'll have to stop going to Disney parks, stop watching ESPN and give up all kinds of Cokes.

I also know that when I am not feeling upbeat and beautiful, I will be going over to the local Whole Foods. Glad I gave up my hippy ways when I was seventeen.

I had an awesome supper of grits casserole, green beans and ham. Thank you Vivian for the grits and beans. Delicious! I had watermelon for dessert. Then I went out back and planted several of the flowers from Lowe's.

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