Monday, April 25, 2016

Beautiful Days But I Am Boring

The day is beautiful and warm so it seemed like a trip to Johnson City would be in order today after church. It has been a couple of weeks since I have driven that way and the greening of the trees is truly brilliant. Among the green leaving trees are dogwoods and sarvis trees in bloom. I love the four days of spring we have in Texas with the blue bonnets and the Indian paintbrush but here when one flower stops producing blooms, there is another one waiting to take the stage. It is a wondrous cycle to behold. It doesn't end with spring because summer holds its own with blossoms and buds. I am thrilled that this is our second spring here as residents.

Anyway, I needed to take back the iPad cover I had bought and go with an Apple product more conducive to the Smart Keyboard. Since south Asheville is not my favorite place and Tunnel Road didn't seem like where I wanted to be on a Sunday afternoon, Johnson City was the easy choice to make.  I was able to get in and out quickly, although I don't think the sales guy knew enough about the new product and there wasn't anything on display. Because Academy is so close it seemed like a good thing to walk through the store and it turned out to be a productive visit. Feeling good, I headed over to Barnes and Noble but it wasn't to be, so two out of three places had what I needed. Anytime you go to Tennessee that means you top off your tank with cheaper gasoline. It was a delightful and fun afternoon for me. Such a beautiful drive and not hectic and crowded like 26 to the south.
Welcome to Monday evening. The sun is setting and this has been a beautiful spring day. I made two trips to church with things for the yard sale and I made the all important grocery store run. Buddy and I have been taking it easy since I got everything put away. I will probably go through some clothes and drop them off at church tomorrow or Wednesday. We decided if something for the house hadn't worked in a year, it wasn't going to work this year. I also got rid of one of the Keruig coffee makers because we have gone back to making coffee the old fashioned way...well, not old fashioned but how we used to. Neither Roy nor I like the K cup maker with the carafe that was supposed to be fancier. It just seemed to be a huge pain.

I finally got birthday gifts mailed today that are ever, ever so late. The people working and standing in line at the post office, in my experience here, are so friendly and fun to talk with. I hope the supervisor from Weaverville who has been at our PO a lot gets the open postmaster position.

That's it. I am boring today and I kind of like it this way.

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