Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Pleasant Day For Sure

After a sunny start to the day that progressed into partly cloudy skies, we now have had rain and it is looking dark in the northwest. We could use a few more showers but I am not thinking that thundershowers should be a part of the evening. This has been a good day, one where I don't have anyplace where I have to be and plenty of things to keep me busy around here.

I ordered the simplest programmed canner ever made at the end of last summer from Williams Sonoma. It was a great sale and free shipping. I also ordered a tomato peeler thing and they have been stored in the closet underneath the stairs. So today, I pulled those babies out, got them unwrapped and in the ready position when produce stand season truly arrives. I reviewed the cookbook and ordered a couple of things from Amazon so I will be ready to roll when the time comes. This canning machine limits me in what I can do and I think that is a good thing. I can always freeze corn and green beans. Since we are here in the best time of strawberry season, maybe I will try my hand at making some strawberry jam. OK, I never thought in a million years I would be writing anything like this, with plans in mind....thus the easy peasy machine comes to the rescue.

Since the pressure washer team had moved our outdoor rugs and chair cushions into the garage when they did their work, I began bringing all those things back to the porch. In the process I killed a wasp and destroyed the small nest it had started. I mean really, I saw my first bear and I killed a wasp and destroyed its nest this week. Next thing you know I will want to can veggies and fruit.

Sometimes procrastination gets the best of me and little things don't get done in a timely manner. Such has been a few purchases I have made in the past month and they have gotten as far as a chair in the living room. Today, they were put into their proper place. I need to vacuum, but that might wait until tomorrow. As I have been doing some of this procrastination stuff I have realized there was more to take to the yard sale at the church that finished up this afternoon. Oh well....

I have watched a video on Facebook that has made me tear up every time I watch it. It is a group from our church ministering through a project that only takes a day to remedy for those in need in our community. It is called To the Least of These....  Five projects were chosen and one of them was filmed while they told the lady they were there to re-deck her deck. She is genuinely moved by this news. These are not members of the church necessarily but people in our community who could use a little help. Not just ministry limited to widows. Not just ministry limited to those in prison, but could be figuratively. The daughter is filming the scene. I am so thankful for my mountain church. Tomorrow after the service WAR, Women at Risk, will have jewelry and scarves made by...well, women at risk.

A pleasant day for sure.

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