Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

Our area has enjoyed spring time rains the past few days. Now the people to the east of us might not say that because those gentle spring rains we experienced became big old storms with hail, thunder and lightning. Since I am not a professional weather person I can only assume the gentle rains danced around with....trigger alert for those who don't like this word....moist air and gathered steam. It rained off and on throughout the night and it made the anticipation even greater because in about seven weeks we will have a metal roof on our home. I am leaning toward white or maybe a red or a gray roof. I have been looking at Google images of homes with the different colored roofs. Right now it is overcast and maybe more rain is in our future or maybe it is just cloudy skies.

Buddy and I woke up about the same time this morning, way too early....  She was attacking a piece of fuzz on the bedspread and I awoke from a dream that I didn't like.  Buddy's attention of attack mode was feeling like it would soon be directed toward me, so I opted to go watch I Love Lucy and then fall back asleep. Dang, if it wasn't some of my least favorite episodes. Finally, we both had settled Buddy realizing the "bug" was fuzz and I knowing it was just a dream but still I have had dreams before significant events in my life, so......  This was not a I ate too late kind of dream. Oh and no one dies in the dream.

Doug called last night to give me a better idea of the schedule for Erin's graduation. We also got caught up on each other's lives. After my heart episode on Saturday night, I am more cautious about activities and energy. I haven't had one of these in the longest time and it was the worst in the recent past. I was about this close to calling an ambulance but the mess kicked in and even though I didn't go right back into the normal range I could feel my heart rate getting back to normal. Of course you are exhausted from all that heart beating and it has taken a few days to regain my normal strength. I did a little test run to the PO yesterday and that went well. Today the grocery store, maybe. Doug suggested we use Uber to go to both ceremonies. I could not help but think of my last cab ride in Chattanooga when Peggy and I found ourselves on what we called the Bataan Death March and the consistent denial from the Chattanoogians that AC wasn't needed. Good grief it was hotter that day there than in Houston. We know to go from AC to AC and spend as little time outdoors in July as possible. I am thankful for friends here who help me out, Bill and Vivian with getting that trash can down and back from the road and Brenda who brought over enough supper that I was able to have lunch on Monday with the leftovers from their Sunday Supper.

I am beginning to realize I didn't know a thing until I joined in on social media. My goodness, one can get all kinds of advice, learn all the uses for vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Dawn detergent and such. All kinds of recipes I think I might one day make...haha! A million and one quotes, podcasts that will change my life, events, politics, who to boycott and why boycotting is wasted effort. I can read Bible verses, have a quiet time or join in a cause. Sometimes it is too much! If you are needing to market yourself, you are in luck because there are a thousand articles on how to do such a thing. I know who to contact for R&F, Plexious, Preimere Jewelry, some kind of fancy mascara, other kinds of skin care, essential oils, cleaning products, green cleaning products, no cleaning products...it is all there. I have learned about snakes, both venomous and good snakes. I cannot watch anymore sad dog videos though. Not even just the picture.  I can sign up for daily encouragement from multiple people and I can watch periscope live. I am not writing that this is good or bad....it is all just so available. At a click and a password away. If it really bothered me I would declare the FB and social media fast but it all amuses me and some of it is helpful. Especially the cute cat videos.

The sun is back out and the laundry nearly finished. Happy Tuesday!

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