Monday, May 16, 2016

Still Learning

There is so much for this city girl to learn out here in the country. Google comes in handy many a day. Just like I heard last week at Erin's graduation, keep on learning, never stop.

Last night I waited too late to wash the blanket on our bed. I had washed the bedspread earlier but instead of putting the blanket setting on bulky bedding I left it on the normal cycle. What should have taken 54 minutes went much longer than that. I think the blanket was too heavy for the setting and it was being rinsed and spun multiple times. I finally caught the cycle after the spin and before it could add water. The blanket wasn't dripping wet but more saturated than usual. Into the dryer and I stayed up a little later...I knew I would need to take the blanket out and yes in true redneck form, I used the stair banister and overhang to spread out that blanket overnight to help it dry. Since I had just taken the comforter off the bed, I pulled it back into our bedroom and put it on top of the bedspread and decided to make the best of it. You know my idea of roughing it is a slow bell boy. Yes, I could have slept in another bed but didn't want to mess with that. Now you would think this little change of where the comforter is located wouldn't make a difference but oh contrare my friends. Buddy hated the change. From about 2:00 am to 5:00 am I barely slept. She was up and down and meowing and I began that count down, the only time I do math, of how many hours would I be able to sleep if I fell asleep right then and there. It was tough. Buddy came back around 4:45, laid on my arm and then shot up sitting straight and on point...she left the bed going about 100 mph. Well, that got my attention cause I am thinking that maybe she is onto something. There was nothing...she just had the yips. So I got the comforter, dragged it to the man cave, turned on I Love Lucy and tried to sleep until 7:30. I was exhausted and gave thought to leaving right after Sunday School but I stayed the course but church went long. I got to my car in the parking lot at 12:45. No I don't attend a charismatic church. I drove home, came into the house and took a nap.

After some rest, a trip to the grocery store was in order. I had just happened to look out the window and watched a bunny rabbit chase a crow. I had never seen anything like that. I watched the rabbit for a bit and I could tell it was a mama rabbit protecting her babies. She stayed alert and on patrol, in fact she was still on patrol when I returned from the grocery store. I thought the baby was hurt or dead. I cried on the way to Ingle's. After getting all the groceries put away, I got the binoculars and watched the bunny rabbit. Roy suggested I go and try to help the rabbit and I responded that my presence anywhere near the rabbit would not be good for it or for me. That rabbit might chase me and I don't want to break another hip. You know hippity hopping. What a great story, I was being chased by a rabbit...not Bugs Bunny but...and not little Bunny Foo Foo. We watch a few animal videos on FB and we think we will become Dr Doolittle and talk with the animals. Just a bit ago, I looked out the window and the mama rabbit was no where to be seen which my conclusion was, the little baby bunny finally passed on to that great carrot patch in the sky. Then I saw a little bit of movement...some little ears, the baby bunnies are alive and well. That mama rabbit has made her nest in a deep part of the yard, with tall grass as cover. In the midst of all this I had Googled why would a rabbit chase a crow and found out all types of useful information.

In my groggy haze this morning I thought about that little change of blanket arrangements and how it affected things. Life can have that same effect with little changes here and there, that doesn't mean a thing but is bothersome. It made me think about last year when scores and scores of birds visited the backyard feeder and birdbath and birds still come but not like last year. I am thinking...I want it to be like last year bird-wise. The thought occurred to me though that this year I hear the birds more than I did last year. They are still here but having Michael the one eyed cat hanging around during the day would put the cabash on seeing the birds. Last year I bought way more strawberries than I have this year. I froze way too many last year and I know this year I would rather use the freezer space for peaches when they come in season. I still can't believe it that we live here, that we experience post card worthy scenery everyday.
As of this morning, I don't think little bunny made it. There is a little brown mound in my neighbor's yard where the bunny didn't venture too far from yesterday. Right before I left for choir I shouted and clapped to scare off the crow. I since learned in choir that clapping your hands real loud makes crows think it is a gunshot.

I am going to get out and about today. Such a beautiful day to enjoy these mountains...I ain't going to climb no mountain, just drive through them and enjoy.

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