Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pay Back Time...So What Cha Going To Do?

This is how politically astute and current event relevant I am...when I read that Loretta Lynch was responding to the HB2 dealy here in NC, I thought why is Hot Lips from MASH filing a lawsuit against NC? Shouldn't someone else be responsible for that? Then I realized I had confused Loretta Swit with Loretta Lynch but I did not confuse Loretta Lynn with them.

Everyone has their opinion on the current political situation. Some are not going to vote, some are going to write in a candidate. Some will vote for the lesser of two evils. Many will vote who think their candidate deserves their vote and their confidence that he or she will get the job done. The old guard in the R party are really upset and pretty much are responding like we all can do when we don't get our way, we take our ball and go home. The D party is presenting two old white people to vote for. Wow, one would think there would be up and coming candidates in both parties.

So here is what I think, all the backlash against Christians and against moral law abiding citizens...we shouldn't be surprised because this plays out everyday in some minute form. Everyday some where, some place, a person who has been made to feel insignificant or dumb in the workplace rises to a place of leadership and many times, more often than not, the person doesn't practice what they wish those in authority over them had practiced, no...they act just like the people they didn't care for, cause it's payback time baby and somebody else is going to have to deal with the brunt of anger from the past. My father was treated horribly as a child and growing up for him was a painful experience, He wasn't a planned child and his mother was finished, so she thought, in the baby birthing business. So, there are stories coming around now that as a child he acted out toward his peers like he was being treated or ignored at home. As an adult he perfected the meanness and hate when you'd think he might want to do things differently...since that whole childhood thing worked out so well for him. I saw as an adult what I had suspected all along as a kid one year at camp when the only choice for best camper was a nerdy kid and there was much discussion about trying to give it to one of the popular kids but several made the point it would be so obvious that it had always been about a popularity contest instead of service if the nerdy kid didn't get the award. That pretty much killed that award in the future...ah yes, Revenge of the Nerds!

So when we feel we have been oppressed by someone or an organization for so long, of course the natural human thing is pay back. Now we are going to change the rules to our liking and to your determent. We are going to do to you what you did to us! So, that is what is going on now. Those who see the swing in their direction are drooling for the establishment to get theirs. Or we are going to make America great again and I will be a part of those who have taken from me are going to get theirs. See, it is just such a childish reaction. Even with Ted he couldn't go the establishment of the GOP way, so he came back to Texas and got involved in the anti-establishment, the Tea Party. He moved up the ranks, punishing those stalwarts of the R party and turning the tables on what he thought was done to him. Of course I read that no one likes him in Washington. So maybe it didn't matter what he did.

Let's face it, America is in a mess and there is much fault finding and finger pointing but we let it get to this point. Now other nations who have been tired of being bossed around by us are waiting for payback, for us to get ours...what is coming to us. I hope that doesn't happen, I hope something good can come out of all this. Maybe we can be reasonable people again but I kind of doubt it.

You know maybe I would have been better off if I hadn't found out that it wasn't Hot Lips, Loretta Swit, bringing the lawsuit. I could go silently on in my ignorance...of course that isn't the answer, but at this point what ya going to do? As for me, I am going to go take care of a gallon of strawberries that Inez so kindly brought back to me from South Carolina.

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