Friday, May 20, 2016

Location...It's A Theme

Cleaning out the junk file in email I saw a listing for a house in our area. I pass by it several times a week if it is a week of going into or toward Asheville. It is a typical type of home like you find around here, located on over an acre of land, withe beautiful long range mountain views, big front porch, and a nice deck on the back of the house. The inside of the house is nicely done. Oh it would need a few aesthetic upgrades yet it could be considered move in ready. The price of the house has been lowered. Sounds great doesn't it? It is reasonably priced and bonus, finished out basement with kitchenette.... The only thing...this house is on a road that has a quarry and asphalt plant...all day long the dump trucks are coming and going, roaring diesel motors breaking the mountain quiet. When we were on our house quest I had fallen in love with a particular home...I watched Zillow daily to see if there were any changes of its status. Two times the price was lowered and I was so anxious to get here and see the home. Disappointment raged when I finally was able to do a drive by of the home, with a great floor plan and long range mountain views...because this home was located on the road that the Buncombe County land fill is found. The house is about nine miles away, up hill but all day long, the rumbling garbage trucks would rattle and break the mountain quiet. Truly when it comes to real estate it is location, location, location.

It has been a few days since I last blogged but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing. I love my new iPad Pro for being able to easily take it with me and write just about anywhere or location but not location, location, location. On Wednesday I found myself in the Biltmore Village area because I had a hair appointment at noon. I went a little early to have a late breakfast at the Corner Kitchen and then walked around the village, stopping in a few places. I purposely kept myself away from the Origami Ink store because I could spend a lot of money in there. The same could be said for Mountain Merch, but I have more control over t-shirt and sweatshirt purchasing. After my appointment I made a Target run...Yes, Target. First thing though, I took care of bathroom needs before entering the store. I had $100 in gift cards, so it is money already spent prior to all the ruckus. Also, I haven't vowed or signed a petition. And if you do any investigating on policies, there are a lot of places you can't shop or use services if you are going to be true to the boycott. It was rather nice shopping in less than crowded conditions. I also stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few things. I arrived home good and tired from a full day. So what better thing to do than move a bookcase upstairs to the bonus room complete with several trips of book relocating. The bookcase was a snap, it was moving all the books....  My little corner of the bonus room looks so cute with new picture and the added bookcase. This freed up space in the dining room to rearrange the room.

I am so thankful that the People of the Church concert was on the webcast Wednesday night. I loved being involved with the worship experience, right there in our home via the internet. My soul refreshed and renewed.

Yesterday, I met a friend from Houston, Bonnie, who is traveling with her husband while he is on business here. We had a wonderful time. We met in Waynesville and had lunch and did a little shopping. She decided she wanted to explore more of downtown Waynesville, so we said our goodbyes and we are looking forward to her next visit here. I began the beautiful drive home with a little rain mix happening in spots. There is an antique/craft/furniture store nearby our home and it had been a while since I had stopped in to see Penny. She has an end table there that I would love to bring home but there is no room or place to use it. That usually doesn't stop me from purchasing but I hope someone else buys it and enjoys it. She has a new artist bringing in photographs done on canvas of houses, things and landscapes of our area. Now three of those pictures came home with me. I love the work this artist does. I hadn't planned on this stop because I was tired but it was one of those things I felt compelled to do....not to buy anything but just to spend some time and visit with a friend. Penny in our conversation wondered why anyone would want to move here especially from her viewpoint of growing up and living here all of her life. I responded location! Picture perfect scenery, friendly people, spring time...fall! Produce stands! That's why...simpler life, slower pace. Location, location, location!

Such wonderful news in my inbox this morning! The Deep South summer reading list is out. I began reading through the thirty four choices recommended and there looks to be a number of books that I want to read. Many times on their reading lists, and they do a fall/winter list as well, only a few books garner my attention. I am such a nerd, I get so excited when I have a stack of books near a chair or the bed that need to be read. And they are looks to be a good reading summer ahead. I mean really, I already have a great stack of TBR books and it is only going to get better. I see myself reading in my little corner surrounded by books...what a location! Wait a minute? What am I doing downstairs, I must go to my location, location, location.

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