Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Travels and Conversations

 Love these hawk pictures that Roy took on Sunday.

It seems a little quiet this afternoon. Nothing being taken care of, nothing being accomplished. Buddy is down for a long nap, I took a short nap and waiting for a phone call. Well, what do you know, it just came.

I stopped at the produce stand in SC this morning after filling SequihShawn with cheap SC gas. Local farmers are beginning to bring in their produce for them to sell. All kinds of veggies but what got my attention was the plumquot. In fact the farmer who grows them stopped while I was there. Only two baskets were left of a full delivery he made that morning around 8:00 and he'd be bringing more in later. The lady who works there is part of the family that owns the peach orchard and we kind of remembered each other from our conversations last year at this time as well as from last Thursday. At the Shell station another Tundra truck owner and I had a conversation with our trucks being twinners except we have the bed of the truck covered. I love these conversations as people here are so friendly. From there I stopped at Biltmore Park. The magazine from England that I like was available in the states on May 28th, so I picked it up as well as a couple of other magazines I like. Since it was before the lunch rush I went to The Moose Cafe for lunch and then came on home. There have been a few rumbles of thunder but we didn't get any rain. Roy said the apple trees need to be watered and I am holding out for a rain shower sometime this week.

We cooked out yesterday grilling ribs and had potato salad and baked beans. We worked around here changing out filters and batteries. Roy staked one of the apple trees that is bent over from all the wind we have had this spring. There was also a quick trip to Ace Hardware and like usual we came home with more than what we originally went to pick up. Roy did some spraying for carpenter bees and I think we need to do another round on the front porch. Our friendly bunny was out last night and it let me get closer than usual. He was having a treat of safflower seeds and clover. The birds were in full voice last night and we enjoyed the concert. Well, I ended up enjoying the concert because Roy went in the house to finish watching a marathon of a show he likes. We are both happy we do not have a TV downstairs although I am beginning to think I wouldn't mind one in our bedroom but it is not a priority.

Oh joy, the pitter patter of rain. Drink in flowers and trees. I think dinner tonight will be a fruit dinner. We have strawberries, peaches, plums and watermelon. Maybe I will make a smoothie or aqua fresca.. I'm thinking I will finish this up and go out on the front porch and enjoy the rain and the breeze.

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