Monday, May 30, 2016

Thankful and So Blessed

Sometimes it is hard to believe that we live here and experience four seasons. Spring holds the stage right now but it is slowly giving way to summer blooms. The shades of greens have reached their maturity on the trees giving a totally different picture to enjoy. The white blossoms of the blackberry vines soon will give way to fruit that will darken to a deep purple. The flashes of red cardinals fill the gardens as well as lending beauty to our drives along these roads. Guess you can't tell I love this place where even weed flowers are beautiful lining the culverts and ditches along the roads. The wonder of God's creation and living in a postcard scene truly fills my senses and spirit.

Yesterday we went to church and came home to enjoy the last of our delicious Amish bologna for lunch. We headed out to the grocery store to pick a few supplies to grill corn on the cob for the cookout at church last night. Once we got home I had to take a Sunday afternoon nap. We grilled the corn and went a little early because parking up at the picnic shelter still scares me. It is like I think gravity is going to stop working or something. Our friend Bill 'valet parked' the truck for me. We had a nice gathering for the hamburger and hot dog cookout. Everyone brought a side dish and Cokes and such to share. After eating our Pastor led us in remembering why we remember the ones who gave their all for us and we sang three patriotic songs where the emphasis is on God's hand in founding and formation of America. We even had a family join the church right there on top of the hill underneath the picnic shelter.  As Roy remained to help with clean up and then to take pictures and I went down to choir practice I got to meet Marie, who by the way makes some of the best deviled eggs I have ever eaten, who I knew only by face. We knew of each other through our mutual good friend Inez.

Next week is homecoming at church. I missed last year. The work at the parsonage is done and we are dedicating it for kingdom work. It is a really nice home. Lots of churches up here have homecoming Sundays but it is something I've not experienced with churches in Houston. Our class and the men's class are in charge of food and we are doing a brunch instead of a luncheon afterward. We are running out of room because our fellowship hall can't hold that many people. A couple of Sunday nights ago, I drove through the cemetery of Mountain View Baptist Church which is close by. They had their decoration Sunday and all the graves have flowers on them. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

I hear of many who move up here and never find their way or place. Generally, people around here are friendly and you can have some of the most interesting conversations. Finding and experiencing Newfound was such a divine appointment thing. I am so thankful for our church. Is it perfect? No, but what church is? A couple of Sundays ago while driving into the parking lot I got quite the workout from waving to friends. Last year Roy and I went to the cookout and knew only a few but this year we knew so many more and we look forward to meeting those we haven't met yet.

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