Saturday, May 14, 2016


I'm enjoying a morning ritual that will be a ritual until Buddy changes it. She stays busy with whatever she stays busy with until I sit down with my cup of coffee in the living room. She makes her way over to me and sits on my lap for a little bit. She meows and wants to be petted. This makes a great start to the morning but knowing Buddy this little ritual will turn into another schedule later. I am enjoying it while I can.

Yesterday was a gardening day in slow motion. I planted the snap dragons and the other red flowers that I don't remember their name in the red wagon planter. Then I rearranged a few other flowers and put out the hanging baskets and solar mason jars on the front porch. In the midst of the work I remembered I needed to get to Tractor Supply to pick up a few more garden items. So with dirt on my shirt and capris, hardly any makeup and pretty much messed up hair, I started for TS...only I had forgotten there was a bike race happening at that end of the route. Going, I got ahead of the racers but knew coming back I would be stuck in lots of traffic...I remember from last year after getting stuck in it. So after TS I made my way to The Fresh Market, then went home via the Craggy Bridge and the back way. I must have looked like I had come straight out of the mountains to some at Fresh Market, well I had. It definitely has the Yankee transplant feel there. I should have told them I was there for my suuu-plies. Later in the afternoon when Aaron our UPS driver stopped in with a couple of packages, he told me about getting delayed in the traffic from the bike race and it was putting him behind on deliveries. Glad I opted for the longer but scenic route.

When I drove up the road and began backing into our driveway, Michael, the one eyed cat, was chasing a chipmunk. From one side of the drive to the other the cat and chipmunk dance made them blind to the fact a huge pickup truck was making its descent. They moved their pursuit to the side with the ground cover and I hurriedly got SequishShaun  into the garage with the door coming down as quickly as possible. I did not need a cat and chipmunk wrecking havoc in the garage. I checked on them later through the window and they were still at it although I think both were growing tired. When I finally deemed it safe to open the garage and continue gardening, I checked for any little gifts from Michael. None! I really don't like the chipmunks but they are cute.

I love watching the cows across the way. There are some men working in the barn but it must be men they don't recognize because when the guy comes on the four wheeler they run to meet him. The cows are content to be grazing on the side of the hill. There are a lot of little calfs in a group with the mom cows circling them in an unofficial type of way. The winds are supposed to pick up this afternoon with a cold front skirting the freezing temps but tomorrow it is only to be in the mid 60's. I just took the warm comforter off the bed, but we should be fine.

The washer just stopped so I need to go put the bedspread into the dryer. This is the first bulky item I have washed in the new machine. Not off kilter one time.

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