Monday, May 23, 2016

Cows, Crows, Chickens, Carpenter Bee and Ruth...I'm Not That Good of a Baptist...Alliteration Thing

Yesterday, I saw the most uncanny happening with the cows across the road. The herd was gathered in a tight grouping. With the exception of one or two they were all together in close proximity. The other two were not too distant from the group. Their tails swished back in forth in perfect timing, together and they began grazing at a rapid pace coming from the top of the hill over to the fence line and along the fence line till they were out of view. I put on my socks and tennis shoes and looked out the window and those cows had moved on down the pasture.    I have never seen anything like it. It had an eerie feeling to it, like they knew something...we had rain in the area but nothing in the way of big storms. I gazed at the sky thinking, this could be it...the moment we have all been waiting for, the return of Christ.   I think it was the rhythmic movement of their tails and the rapid pace that  gave me that feeling of eerie and then awe. Of course I went to Google and I didn't really find a definitive answer. It could have been something that scared them or it could be the owner had removed older calfs away from their mothers since babies are now being born. I watched this phenomenon from an upstairs window. Later in the day I looked to see if the cows were still in formation. No, they were scattered across the pasture, like usual. You can lose a lot of time by watching nature around here, so I have kept my cow observing to a minimum today but at last look they are gathered around the hay feeder lying on the ground...which usually means rain, but there is very little in the forecast.

I also saw mockingbirds take on a crow. They were diving and attaching the crow in the air. It was better than an airshow with planes. I noticed a baby bird had dropped out of a nest yesterday and the hard landing on asphalt did the baby in. That mama and daddy mockingbird sat on the wires above the bird loudly calling and chirping. Michael the two eyed cat when to investigate and he too was dive bombed and thwarted from any investigation. He was out there with me while I sprayed Round Up on weeds and did some weed pulling. I cannot believe how quickly weeds and such grow. So far the wild flower seed I threw out onto the dirt has done nothing...I followed all the directions but I'm not too sure on the sparkle instructions of watering.
Good Monday Morning! I just finished my delicious breakfast of farm fresh eggs given to me last night. Vivian went to her Aunt Jenny's and she has chickens. So not only did I come home spiritually enriched from choir practice but I came home egg enriched...a dozen of them to be specific.

Yesterday I went to Sunday School but I had restless feet and tired I played sabbatical from big church. I didn't have it in me to sit still that long. A little Sunday morning drive with the CD People of the Church playing in the background and then a quick stop at the grocery store. I came home, ate lunch and took a much needed nap. Last night the altos found out in choir that there was no not one alto in the loft Sunday morning. They called one up during prayer time from the congregation and several sopranos filled in for some alto notes. We were back four strong for choir practice. Well, three strong, I'm not exactly a strong alto.

The new carpenter bee trap is working. There is one in the trap this morning.

Yesterday our Sunday School lesson was on Ruth. We watched a video of the story. All good except they didn't show Ruth at the feet of Boaz on the threshing floor. We decided that might have been considered PG 13 or something. When I read my lesson on Saturday and then while watching the video I realized there were some things that Ruth and I had in common...not many, but some. OK, I didn't follow my m-i-l but I came to a land where I only knew a few and depended on the kindness of those living here. They have taken me in as one of their own, which I cannot tell you how much that means to me. No, I haven't been in the fields gleaning or bringing in the sheaves but I have gleaned so much from friends here in how do live life, have fun and be a good steward of what God has given. Already have a Boaz, celebrating 39 years in September and if I laid down on a floor, whether it be threshing or kitchen...getting back up to an upright position would be an issue. But I know that my life surely has been redeemed by coming to live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I'm so thankful!

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