Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just Having Some Fun

There is something about being up here in the mountains where it is beautiful, with so much to see and experience that one can loose all sense of time. Roy and I just had a conversation where Roy has lost all concept of time and of time passed in just the normal, everyday things that needs to be done. It is frustrating and at the same time it is kind of funny. I think the altitude must have gotten to him.

We actually left eleven minutes early this morning which is a miracle because I am not a morning person. Sometimes it takes me a while to get the motor running. But, I got ready faster than usual so we were out the door heading toward The Farmer's Daughter. Our original plan had been to try out the huge donuts that are made on the weekends but we opted for breakfast at TFD. It was delicious and our server looked so much like our niece Erin. The food is served family style so there is a lot set before you. I stuck with the tried and true breakfast items I liked and that included biscuits. Oh my goodness it was delicious. We then went over to shop at Mountain View with lots of our new best friends. Since Roy does not mind standing in lines, he stood in the meat counter lines and I brought things over to him to put in our basket. My friend Brenda had told me several weeks ago that the Amish bologna was really good. So Roy bought three different kinds. We had ordered a strawberry pie and just for good measure we added bread, cheese, a soft cheese, honey and other things that I can't remember. We also stopped at the produce stand we love on the way to TFD and got a watermelon and some tomatoes. We stopped here and there along our way over to Micaville where an art gallery has been calling my name for several months. The here and there involved photography and Roy was having a great time. We both loved the Ooak Gallery. Oh my, so many wonderful creations made by local artists. There was so much to see and yes, I made a purchase of some very fun things. I bought a mountain man for the house, oh he of bearded wonder.

We returned home tired but after a bit we made our delicious supper of bologna sandwiches and strawberry pie for dessert. We've also snacked on a few peaches. This is the most wonderful time of year, produce stand season.

I took a nap and so hope I will be able to fall asleep tonight.

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