Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another This and That Post

The view after a light rain from the upstairs front bedroom is a reward. The clouds lie low on the mountains and the trees and grass are a brighter green from the rain. Especially beautiful when looking through the window decorated rain drops. Heavier rain is expected later in the afternoon. Today the rain is coming from a more south eastern direction. Many times the rain comes from the west. I am learning the weather patterns better this year. I think we have experienced more rain this year in the spring than last year. It was a pretty dry year and almost everyday bursting with sunshine.

It is now Saturday morning and after an overcast, cold day the sun's warmth is welcomed. Although I do like me an overcast day. I almost turned on the fireplace last night because it felt more like a fall going into winter feel. It was one of those totally ensconced feelings and after getting so much done yesterday I was ready for some couch time.

Yesterday held a burst of energy and it has been a while since I have felt that good. I took care of those lingering projects that I have put off for a long time, some of them a little over a year old. Finally there are pictures hung over both of the twin beds. The carpenter bee trap is out on the front porch.

Last night I watched a few old Happy Goodman videos on You Tube. Someone had posted one on FB and that got me looking into finding a few more of my mom's favorites to watch. After watching a few, with some tears shed, I Googled to find more info about them and their resurgence with the Homecoming Tour. There was an interesting article about Mark Lowery and the time he took off from the GVB years ago. He was suffering burnout and he spent a year living on a houseboat.

On FB I have discovered Traveler On the Backroads, Mike Traveler. He is an author and poet. He usually puts his poems with some beautiful pictures on the road less traveled. I have fallen in love with this poem

and you will hear

the sound of the rain on the leaves
a bird calling to its mate
the wind brushing its fingers through the trees
a bee buzzing from flower to flower

your heart beating in your chest
your soul running through the woods
a million miracles all around you

and a still quiet voice
whispering ever so softly,
I made this for you

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

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