Thursday, May 5, 2016

Enjoying the Time

I'm on retainer this morning helping Roy with a project, so in between emails and calls I thought I would come over to the good old blog and write. I think my work is just about done and I have lunch with a friend on schedule today.

Well as the old song says, there's got to be a morning after... So Ted Cruz suspended his campaign last night, Donald Trump looks like the Republican nominee most likely running against Hillary. Which by all the Twitter accounts and polls this morning has a thirteen point lead over Trump. Reading tweets last night was rather amusing as the faithful proclaimed doom and gloom, the sarcastic were at their finest and worthy quotes were strewn about like seed being thrown to the ground. This morning the magnitude isn't as overwhelming or as entertaining on social media. Ted Cruz is a member of our former church in Houston and I've wondered this morning if airline reservations have been cancelled for the anticipated trip to DC in January by many of the staff counting on a win.  Maybe just maybe this is all falling into place for the return of Christ... In all things, shouldn't we be giving thanks instead of predicting the future or trying to predict? This morning I am thinking of the well known and quoted verse, trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. I have never really understood how evangelical, for lack of a better term, Christians, latch onto these Republicans who run for the highest office in the land and yet have many, many skeletons in their closet or maybe like those of us who voted for Jimmy Carter in a show of unity for a brother in Christ, didn't quite get what we were hoping for. OK, honestly, I didn't know what to hope for back in the day, my main concern was my hair and that theme of hair concern has been a constant throughout my life. Yes, I am that shallow. I'm also not that political but you know as I have written before, I have that cynical side to me and I am having to keep that under control this morning. So this whole last paragraph has been writing something but not saying anything...which means I have one quality to run for office or to be a participant in a huge sporting matchup right before a big game, cause I could say I am taking it one game at a time or I am giving 110%.
Now it is late Thursday afternoon. I went with friends to Old Fort today. We went to the Painter's Greenhouse and found some fabulous plants to bring home. Afterwards we headed over to Marion and had lunch at a place on Main Street. Delicious! Velda and I also made a little side trip and did a drive by to see Warren Wilson College. I had always wanted to see it and it is a quaint, beautiful campus. After Velda helped me get my plants to the backyard, I took a much needed nap. Before I returned to finish this post I did a few things around here and put away stuff.

Vivian and I went to our late lunch at Stony Knob yesterday. Delicious and fun.

We enjoyed the cooler temps today which meant putting out a heavy sweatshirt kind of top. This should be the last of the really cool temps but just an hour away it is snowing in the higher elevations.

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