Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Day Trip Report

Karma. I rarely if ever used this word before, it is not even on a regular rotation of words that sometimes need to be used in a sentence but since we live near Asheville I'm sure the word is used there often, I decided to use it today to describe what I saw yesterday. So when we last left the bunny rabbit in residence in Josh's yard, it was not dead, it is moving about but only in this designated area of the yard. When I left to be gone most of the day yesterday, I stopped on our road to do a visual of bunny. Upon returning in the late afternoon, yes there was bunny in Josh's yard but in our yard, near one of the plumb trees lies a dead crow and Michael, the one eyed cat, nearby under one of the huge fir trees. Boom, the term karma hit my brain. How unlikely for Michael to catch and kill anything, especially a crow because they are smart and they are fast. Unlike the little gold finch I buried last year when it had the unfortunate run in with the bay window, I am letting the ants take care of this for me. Mainly, because I cannot get to it safely and I really don't want to get that close to a crow whether dead or alive.

It is a morning of light rain and it is also a major easing into the day kind of day. I finally made my long planned and anticipated trip into Waynesville yesterday. The day beautiful so I hit the road. The trip to Waynesville is one of my favorite drives. All along the road,fields and smaller personal gardens are being cleared and tilled. I saw many an older woman out there in the garden planting seed, the way I would do...cause our knees don't bend. Low clouds clung to some of the mountains making that iconic Blue Ridge view of mountains in silhouette. My start was about thirty minutes later than planned and with the addition of stopping to fill up the truck, I decided to go to West Waynesville and begin there. That way I worked my way into the town and there is likely a better chance of finding close parking later in the day. It was a good plan.

First stop Belk's. Now this is going to sound funny coming from a Houston gal, who at one time spent many a day in the Galleria's biggest stores, but the Belk's at the Asheville Mall is just too big for me. I like the smaller one in Waynesville. Roy is in need of some new broad cloth dress shirts, so that was my mission except I did make an extended foray into the women's department. Hey, why not? I found exactly what I had been looking for and then I made my way to the back of the store where the men's department is located. Well really, I did all an all around perusal and then grabbed a cart to make selections for purchase. Next door to Belk's is Michael's. Now if the world felt slightly off kilter...it was due to the fact that I went into a craft store. I was looking for something in particular and found it. So it was time to leave West Waynesville behind and move over to the Hazelwood area where my first stop was for lunch. After being fortified with a fried green tomato BLT, I went to Robin Blu. It has been probably six months since I have been there. The Blu did not disappoint. Since I had stocked up on coffee at The Fresh Market I did not stop at Smokey Mountain Roasters...tempting yes.

I made my way into downtown Waynesville with the first stop being at Blue Ridge Books. They have opened a used book section and I had some books to contribute to them. I also picked up a few local author's books that I had read about from the bookstore's newsletter. The parking plan worked, I found a close place near Mast General Store. That is such a fun store but I came out of there not buying a thing. Massie's next door has carpenter bee catchers, so I picked up one and then went to the artist gallery a little further down, T Pennington. When I was there several months ago I found a collage of her pictures that would look good in the bonus room. I was unsure about the measurements and decided not to buy that day. Well, it wasn't there but she did have another one, of the same collage of pics in a smaller, read less expensive, framing that works even better than the first one. So, it came home with me too.

It takes about forty minutes to get back home from Waynesville, so I got back home with little time to spare before I needed to get back out and over to church for an Embrace Women's Ministry meeting. We got out a little early but got so much accomplished. I totally misunderstood our assignment from last time...I R not that smart but forgiveness was given and totally accepted by me. Thankful for grace.

So now I must be about my work of cleaning the house, then I need to go check on a friend's cat while they are out of town.

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