Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I believe I am one most fortunate to have a husband that loves me and he shows it well. Yesterday, he began telling me how being a prisoner in our home in Katy because of the heat and stress made him so sad for me. He remembered stories from long ago when we were young and stayed out and about all the time. Roy entertained me with his remembrances of silly things we had done but each of his stories ended with, but after a while, you no longer could go or spend time doing the things I loved and it broke his heart. He thoughtfully suggested a home up here so I would feel better and he wanted to get me away from a very disappointing season of life. Not many would be willing to sacrifice to make that happen. I am most fortunate indeed. This past week he made me breakfast every morning and brought me a cup of coffee when he woke me up. He took care of things that I am unable to see after yet we ran around seeing things and going places just like we used to do. What fun! What a blessing...

He and I have some of the best conversations but that hasn't always been so. At first he tried to solve situations and problems that I talked about when I just needed his ear. Sometimes when we hear our thoughts out loud we see the answers. Now, for the most part, he listens but then we talk through things and he doesn't have to map out a three point strategy for me to implement and follow. He paid a huge compliment to me yesterday just in casual conversation in that he knows I have worked dilligently and dogidly not to have the moniker, "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree" attached for life long definition and disfunction. Funny, during a previously long sleepless night this week I realized I needed to apologize to Roy. When I picked him up I was more upset about a rock flung by a truck on the freeway cracking the windshield just moments before his arrival than I was at seeing him. Ugh, I hate it when frustration takes over. Thankfully, it had not been something weighing on his mind and hadn't been hurt but he said he did notice I realized what I was doing and I righted the ship to happiness. Cracked windshields will come and go...and there are places to have them repaired. We don't know of any around here but I'm sure we will be able to find one or wait till SequishShawn is in Texas.

The dress pants and shirts I picked up for him fit. Yahoo! No returns to take back. I think I will continue shopping for more pants for Roy because some of his dress slacks need to be retired from the rotation. A couple of weeks ago he had a suicide zipper incident. That is what my mom called zippers that broke or wouldn't stay zipped in place. One becomes quite handy with scotch tape and safety pins in that emergency situation. When I realized what pair of pants had done this horrible thing, I remembered they are quite old and have performed meritorious service until their untimely demise in the trash recepticle.

Today I am building in rest and margin. We have been on the go since last Thursday and I have pushed the boundaries of my parameters just a bit. I am reading The After Party and it has my interest. Takes place in Houston during the 1950's. So, that book is calling me to some couch time today. I might run the vacuum today...MIGHT.

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