Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Monday Tuesday Catch Up...More Like a Nature Report

Ah the rough and tumble world of squirrels is being played out most mornings in our backyard. Last year it seems like it was the lone squirrel kind of season but this year there is a passel of them rollicking about with one another. Once again underneath the deck seems to be where everything in the wild kingdom comes to pay homage. These squirrels also like the deck, well yes, don't we all, so I have to make sure they do not get too comfortable hanging around on the deck. When we had the cool temps and breeze on Saturday, I had the back door open and could yell at the squirrels at my leisure although I feared they might be smart enough to open up the back screen door.

This morning the little birds have taken over the birdfeeder. I love watching them gather on the feeder that looks like a porch swing. They can get quite the group going and of course it only takes one to upset the feeder thus a swing clearing brawl ensues. But the smart ones go as far as the butterfly bushes, wait the thing out and then return. Three out of four butterfly bushes are in full bloom and the purple glory is great in the backyard. Yesterday, one tree in particular had so many butterflies feasting on all the goodness contained in the blooms. They have also been enjoying the lantana to a lesser degree. When you add the brilliant flashes of red streaking through the air as the cardinals return or leave from their secluded habitat, it makes for great viewing and puts getting things taken care of on the back burner.

Since I didn't care anything about the basketball finals, I turned over to TCM when I got upstairs last night and caught the last thirty minutes of Life With Father. Right on cue Lisa P texted me that she had just come to it late as I had. We had a good time texting through the last part of the movie. We watched Life With Father when I was recovering from surgery. It is one of my favorite old movies. I have the book and need to reread it as it was a great read and story told by Clarence Day Jr, the oldest son. Oh and while looking for a different book I found the Life With Father book. I don't have my bookcases organized like usual.

The grass is being cut on the land above us so we should see a few more bunnies out and about looking for something to eat. I am trying my best to keep the birds and reluctantly the squirrels as well in water. I read somewhere that in the summer, which today is the first day of summer, birds need water more than food. Food is abundant for them right now. I saw a few blackberries along the road that are in the red stage and will soon ripen into the dark blackberry stage of fruit. Birds, bears and snakes will all be happy for the abundant provision.

I now greet you on a Tuesday morning. The birds are in fine voice this morning and the squirrels are tending to the thuggish side of life, fighting amongst themselves and chasing the birds. There are too many of them coming to the feeder so I will have to get out the squirrel resistant feeder later. The porch swing feeder is just so cute.

This cold is lingering too long and I am ready for it be out my house. We are now at the stopped up portion of the cold where I cannot breathe as well as I would like. It's running its course. I am trying to take advantage of the down time by taking care of little things that I just let go. So far so good but as I was working in the front bedroom it became a little too warm even with the fan going. I stopped my work and went to the bonus room, grabbed a cold water and turned on the TV. This is something I rarely do, have the TV on during the day. Of course one of those real life mystery programs got my attention. Little did I know that the episode was a two parter and I was not going to give two hours to find out the end result. Trusty Google came to the rescue and in just a couple of seconds I knew the ending and the solving of the mystery.

Looks like a trip to Lowe's is in order today as well as a stop by the Post Office. I need to go out and see if my latest dousing of vinegar, Epsom Salts and Dawn had any effect on the vines and weeds. The battle is real and constant.

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