Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Battling Ants and Being Social

Wednesday evening, you came so fast. But that is to be expected when one has been more social of late. Yet, even being social I have had to keep at war with the weeds and tonight the ants were swarming on part of the driveway. Earlier this morning the bees were doing the same thing. I am trying to find out if it means anything but so far....nothing. So while those ants were out I pulled out some ant poison and sprinkled away. Then I found the ant spray and doused their pathways across the driveway. We haven't had ants like we did last year but there are a whole bunch now.

Yesterday Brenda and I took a little trip to the Ooak Gallery in Micaville. She had never been there and we both enjoyed shopping. They have a little bit of everything from artists around the area and that includes jewelry, pottery, paintings, photographs, yarn, glass and quilts and a whole bunch more. We went to the square in Burnsville and had lunch at a great place whose name escapes me right now. We went across the way to Menagerie and then to the new used bookstore across the way. Brenda was filling me in on some other places around there but was sad to see one of her very favorite antique stores, which was in a huge building, had closed. We drover over to Mars Hill so she could show me where Fiddlesticks is located, because I have never been able to find it, and then we went on over to Marshall because she hadn't been to the hardware store or Penlands. We also made a quick stop into the Marshall Junk Shop and we both left there with somethings that needed to come home with us. Such a fun day! Such a hot day! I'm afraid I was wimping out a tad but an air conditioned truck brought me back to life.

Today, Vivian and I went to The Blue Rooster. I was so happy to introduce her to a restaurant that she hadn't been to. She liked it! And we split the coconut cake for dessert and oh my was so good. We went over to Smokey Mountain Roasters and got coffee, Roy and I like flavored coffee so I wanted to get something really good for us and then have some great coffee, unflavored, here for Dena when she visits. The last few times I have been in Waynesville I have noticed a new shop that has opened down the way from the main area. We stopped in and for sure it is going on the itinerary for repeat trips. We had thought about a produce market stop but the one we found on the backroads of Waynesville was a bit sketchy. But the scenary was beautiful as always. We went on some of my favorite roads today and we also went on one I hadn't been on before.

I came home and took a twenty minute nap and felt refreshed. Refreshed enough to wage war on ants and water the trees.

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