Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Recap....

We are experiencing July weather in June. It is supposed to be close to 90 today and that my friends is Houston June weather for sure. I went over to church to support the students. They are hosting a car wash for donations to be able to go to camp and on mission trips. Those kids did a fabulous job. I got to sit in the shade and visit with friends. Now that is some well spent time. Our church experienced some vandalism last night and two people smashed windshields and broke glass on the church's vans. We are saddened by this and praying for the two which the security cameras caught on tape.

Last evening I decided to finish up the vinegar, Epsom Salts, and Dawn dish detergent mix. The household vinegar did a better job than the regular kind, I do know that. It was a little warm and I began to sweat. So wishing I had a bandana around my forehead. Slowly but surely weeds and unwanted vines are beginning to wilt. Those vines are tough! I watered the new trees and the flowers. The squirrels love to lie down in the flowers in the red wagon planter. Guess it is cool and maybe they feel safe among the snap dragons. The butterfly bushes are in full bloom and each day there are more butterflies out back. The birds come and go. Some days the back is filled with all types of song birds. I think we have some blue birds that have built a nest in our guttering at the top of the house.
It's Monday morning. Supposed to be another hot one today. I got too hot at church yesterday morning and left after Sunday School. Also factored in I didn't get very much sleep Saturday night. So I came on home, ate a popsicle and took a short nap and then a long nap. Much needed. I decided to wait till the evening to make a grocery store run and I probably won't do that again because by Sunday night Ingles is sold out of a lot of needful stuff like guacamole.

I was finally able to begin a book that came with such applause and PR. It is a memoir and highly recommended. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with the book. Maybe because I have no interest whatsoever about hunting and killing and growing up in the deep backwoods of Mississippi after his early childhood was spent in a big city. It didn't take long, a couple of chapters to begin skimming...killed a squirrel, shot a dove and it wasn't completely dead yet, learning how to shoot a dear, meanwhile the author is growing up and those stories were just skim worthy. I did read the last two chapters. The overriding theme of his stories was his father. At first I thought it was that part of his story that I didn't like but his father and mine are two completely different kind of story. The book is on the to be taken to the used bookstore pile. This is the second memoir I have read/partially read that have been so disappointing. I usually love a good memoir read.

Saturday evening as I was spraying the tremendous overgrowth of weeds and trees and whatever else on the embankment I heard someone to the side of me. I turned and it was a young man, not our neighbor Josh but our neighbor Ben. He and his family live next to us on the east side. We had heard how nice a of a family they are but never had the chance to officially meet. He is very nice and we visited for a while. He came to the back to look at his trees that are growing over the top of the fence. He is or will have them trimmed back. He also gave me a little more information about the area, born and raised in Asheville. It was funny how he kept apologizing for his dogs. They are big and they bark. I don't mind it a bit, just white noise like trucks and cars rambling up and down the road.

This is a total ease into the day kind of morning. Once I really get moving I have a couple of things I'd like to take care of here and I might go to Walmart and get more of that vinegar and help get the last of the weeds doused for easy removal.

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