Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Softball Days-Throw Back Tuesday

We were a church softball team sponsored by a corporate client of our coach. We traveled to tournaments and when other softball teams were coming in church buses for the nationals we flew  and rented cars. They called us the Sorority Team because we wore makeup and did our hair for games. Some wore bows in their hair. We were an atypical team in the softball arena of life. We got along, enjoyed each other's company and had tons of fun while we were playing and mostly winning tournaments. Each time we drive through Gadsden AL or when in Chattanooga, I have fond memories from those softball days. Unfortunately when we played in Chattanooga, we were eliminated before the finals, so we had time on our hands. We all went sightseeing. Two or three men with about fifteen women. At the Chattanooga Choo Choo a lady asked me what group were we with? I didn't miss a beat and told her we were Mormons and we were on, and I pointed to a coach and to a friend, their honeymoon. We are all their wives. You should have seen the look on her face!

Yesterday, out of the blue, my friend Gayla called me. Gayla was on the softball team. She and I were roommates on the road. This is back in my four to a room days...Oh my, glad those days are over. We have not talked in years, but it was as if we hadn't missed a day. We picked up right where we left off even though both of our lives have had drama, everyday life and good things since we last talked. She has remarried and is so very very happy and that makes me so very very happy for her. We got a lot of conversation in that hour and a half. I quit playing softball before she did and my attention turned to tennis. She is now playing golf and that competitiveness to be good followed us to tennis and golf. I have never really taken up golf because I love driving the ball, so driving ranges are good, but the finesse part of golf, is too tedious for me. Several others on our team took up tennis too.

We all scattered and went on with our lives. My dentist in Houston was the short stop on our team and she has kept up with some from those back in the day, when we were young and the heat didn't seem to bother us at all.

Our conversation was the highlight of my day because for some reason I had awakened in a cleaning the house mood. More than the light housework to keep everything looking presentable. Today, I am going to try the DIY weed killer I saw on Facebook. So you know it has to be true. I did further research by the way. The embankment toward the road has really grown up and although Mike the Mower Man is going to start working on it, I thought I might help just a bit on the edges of slope. Thankfully, I am remembering I broke my hip in January and have had a wonderful recovery. Don't want to jepodize that over some weeds, some very tall weeds and beginning of trees. I think I hear Mike the Mower Man now, so that means the end of me blogging downstairs in my jammies.

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