Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Laid Back Saturday Morning

It must be summer because I have put out two fruit fly traps in the kitchen. This year I am being proactive and trying to stay ahead of the fight. The battle is real people! I started to blog yesterday afternoon but I did a little, emphasis on little, housework and some reading, emphasis more importance and time, instead.

After spending Wednesday at home to catch up on rest, I ventured out Thursday on the always exciting adventure of grocery shopping and running errands. Got everything back and put up and decided I would go to Turkey Creek for a burger. Theirs are so good and on the way I stopped at The Country Junkin Chick store to take Penny a magazine I had told her about. The little table that caught my eye a couple of weeks ago was still there. So of course I took that as a divine sign it should return home with me. There was also this little school desk there that I loved but it had already been purchased. I went across the street and had lunch and it was delicious then returned home. Mike the Mower Man pulled in just as I was closing the garage door. So, back up she went. He had delivered the little fir trees earlier and now he was going to plant them and install a watering system to be used for two weeks to give them a good growing foundation. Thankfully, I have also had a little help from the rain in the afternoons. Mike and I talked a little about the next step in our yard related plans and then I continued on with the little table. It looks great in the bonus room and I also added a lamp from downstairs that never quite fit anywhere but looks wonderful on the table.

Brenda and I finally had our lunch we had planned on several weeks ago. We went to The Twisted Laurel in Weaverville. Oh my goodness! The atmosphere they've created in that old building is wonderful. Dark woods, brick walls, and painted murals with just the right amount of light coming in through the windows. We sat in a booth and enjoyed some very fine food and good conversation. We didn't even get around to solving the problems of the world. After lunch Brenda took me to one of her favorite consignment shops The Cottage Door. Very cute with some very fun things.

Roy bought a new computer last night but he had gone only to look. Our computer is on its very last leg.It has almost gotten to the point where he was thinking of adding on some rabbit ears and aluminum foil to get better wifi reception. He has babied and taken care of that computer and it has served us well for seven years. So now comes the fun part which is backing up and loading the new computer. As he described all the bits, gigabits, ram and whatever else...I thought about beautiful flowers I have seen around here. I have no clue what any of that means except this, Roy does his research and add ons have a specific purpose in his mind. I think he is thrilled that he can do more work in photoshop now.

I am almost finished reading Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson. I got an advanced copy to read and then blog about. So far and since I am almost finished it has been a great read, with poignant moments, Biblical truth and lots of laughter. Sounds like a great combination for reading and for friendship. I love me a personal story to go with a Bible truth. I'll be writing a separate post on the book but when it is released on June 7th, get a copy. I can also see how this book could be used for a small group Bible study.

Well, a trip to The Fresh Market awaits and I don't think they would appreciate it if I come in my PJ's, so I better get a move on.

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