Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

This morning I am writing in a haze due to a restless night and lack of sleep. I tried, I did everything that normally works but it was to no avail. A restless cat and one with a cold who is in the can't breathe/runny nose stage is not a good mixture. This cold has been going on for just about a week and I am loading up on Vitamin C, elderberry mixture, over the counter remedies and I have got to find the soft Kleenex because the skin around my nose is getting a little raw. Where's my Vicks? Other than feeling less than productive and a bit lethargic at times this cold isn't the kind that wears you out. There are those colds that when you are finally able to take a shower you have to take a nap beforehand to have strength and then afterwards for strength to dry your hair. My goal is to breathe out of both nostrils by the end of the week.

Mike the Mower Man was here yesterday and did a fabulous job clearing the front embankment that had become overgrown with vines and beautiful flowering weeds. Also a lot of baby trees and how the seed got there and the area so compacted was a thing to behold. Last night I was out on the driveway looking to see how the weed war is going along the side of the driveway. Slow and steady but some progress being made. My neighbor stopped to visit with me for a bit. She's been busy and also recovering from dental surgery. We were talking about the gravel road behind me and how the new neighbors who won't live here for two years, is letting the end of the gravel road grow over the area where Jennifer had a set up to make wood chips and I think they destroyed all their compostable garbage there too. I told Donna about seeing the silhouette of an animal crossing our yard and finding out later from friends that it probably was a bobcat. She said she has seen several around here over the years, or maybe it is just the same one. She and her husband saw one last year crossing the road that runs in front of our houses. She said there are foxes that come down our little neighborhood road too. You can hear coyotes at night sometimes. Ah, just nature. I had also come out to look at what I think are small little eggs broken open after seeing a pic on Facebook on the Appalachian group page of someone asking and showing a picture of some small little eggs they found when they were digging around their garden. Consensus is snake eggs. I did my comparison and the ones by the road didn't look the ones on FB.

It sure looked like we would get rain last night but the mountains of TN into NC did their job of disrupting the storms. I will need to water the trees extra today. I was banking on that rain making it here. Many times I have said and written that the view from our front porch doesn't get old and when there is rain to the south and to the west our view is bathed with filtered light shuttered up next to silver gray skies. The greens of trees and grasses are brilliant in color with the backdrop of filtered light. If I am in the house sitting in one particular chair the view from the front window displays well and nine times out of ten the lure to the porch beckons me and I respond, whosoever will...may the front porch.

Well, I need to go find Buddy and wake her up repeatedly. Yes, I know she hasn't a clue of what I am doing but it would be so nice to get a decent night's rest and sleep tonight. I also think Roy's conversation on end times might have disrupted my sleep patterns as well.

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