Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Had Fun Until I Had to Stay....For Housework

We had quite the hard rain last night if only for a brief time. Everything looks refreshed outdoors. Our little apple trees are standing a little taller and displaying a little greener this morning. I don't think in the past year we have experienced an all day rain like you can along the Gulf Coast.

Roy has been talking with the roof guy and since he has been a little behind we have requested our new roof not be installed during July. Wouldn't that be special for guests who are trying to get away from it all just to experience a constant noise from on top of the roof. We are leaning toward a red roof since we are going metal this time. There are a couple of shades of red that we will need to pick from.

It's the morning after the great lunch. Nothing like cinnamon raisin bread with honey butter from the Amish store. I really should be eating yogurt but cinnamon toast won out this morning. I have been the squirrel lady today since we have had four or more squirrels hanging out at the bird feeders. They are eating the leftovers of wet seed and what the birds don't like. Since our new neighbor has decided to only keep up with the gravel road behind our house I believe the woods and undergrowth on down that road is filling up quickly for birds and animals, dare I even think reptiles that are finding covered habitation. Ben, the neighbor I met Saturday evening, told me about the small barn that Jennifer kept in that area before being convinced to tear it down since its only "usefulness" was a home for rats and snakes. Jennifer always liked nature and wanted to keep nature natural but I noticed she didn't want that for her home because trees and debris wasn't anywhere to be found around her house or barns or near her horses. She liked her neighbors to have nature.

The past two days I have seen pictures from places I love on Facebook. Peggy just posted some pics of Alto Frio Baptist Encampment. First Baptist had camp there for years and holds so many good memories for so many, me included. She and Bill made a stop on their way home from a short getaway. So many pics of places looked the same but newer buildings and A/C now dots the landscape. I also saw some landscape pictures of a friend's ranch out toward Brenham on Facebook. How well I remember sitting on the porch early one morning, way back in my early morning days, and when my friend went back inside to get more coffee I sat there on that porch and prayed for Roy, his future...a mentor for work and things like that. God answered that prayer several years later when the very people who owned the ranch were instrumental in helping Roy's future be a bright and fulfilling career. That porch holds a special place in my heart although I have not seen it in years.

Well I am hurrying and scurrying trying to get all the housework done that I put off for two days. I believe it is mocking me. No matter I had fun.

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