Monday, June 27, 2016

Pulled In and A Heart Captured

This past weekend I kept a close eye on Buddy. I could tell on Friday she wasn't feeling good but it didn't concern me too much because we all have those days every once in a while. On Saturday she seemed a little more out of it and there was a lack of evidence in her litter box that she might be having some problems. Even while she didn't feel good her appetite was good and she would play when I engaged her with chasing a ribbon. This new food she eats was supposed to take care of her problem. By Sunday evening I vacillated between Buddy's problems as something minor and something major and would call the vet office first thing when they opened on Monday morning.

Monday morning came too quickly and I got up and checked the litter box. Eureka! Evidence! I still called the vet's because Buddy seemed like she was still bothered by something. They had a 12:40 appointment open, so that was good news. Now the process of getting the chill pill down Buddy presented itself. I had learned a few things from the last experience. So I put this knowledge into place. It was difficult but the buttered pill went down her throat. She did not fight me like she would have if she was in the vet office. No biting or scratching, just unhappiness. The pill kicks in and she chooses the most awkward place to sleep. So I go about the rest of the morning getting everything in place to be able to get her into the crate and into the truck for the appointment and act like everything is normal.

Just as we are about to leave the heavens open and the rain comes pouring down. It was a hard fast rain and I was surprised once I pulled out onto the main road just how much rain had fallen in a short time and the effects of it happening so quickly. I have driven in hard rain around here but never around the house. I saw how the water drains and where a few iffy spots might be. The rain continued all the way to the vet's office but by the time we were finished with our appointment, the rain was over and the roads nearly dry as we drove back home. Again, the evaporation rate is unbelievable here.

So poor Buddy...she needed to be...let's see, how shall I say it...expressed and it was a good thing we caught the problem when we did because the right side would soon abscess if no expression had taken place. She also got a steroid injection in the spot under her tail where she had licked away fur. Before leaving I got another prescription for her chill pills. She was rather calm going home and since we got back she has spent the majority of her time sleeping and I must admit, I took a short nap too.

Since it rained, I don't have to water the trees tonight. I have laundry to do and other things as well but it has been good to relax this afternoon because Buddy and her well being had me on edge all weekend. You know the day will come when it won't be something minor and I was mentally preparing for that what if when I kind of knew it wouldn't be too serious. These pets take us in and capture our hearts. This weekend she was rather clingy and wanted to sit on my lap much more than usual.

The weather alert just went off on my phone and we should have rain in a little bit. Thankful I don't have to get out in it. Now to fix my supper.

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