Friday, June 10, 2016

We All Be Needing A Nap

Buddy has just gone upstairs for her mid morning nap after coming downstairs about twenty minutes ago from her early morning nap. She needed to be refortified with treats and needed a little lap time. I believe she also chased her balloon for a brief second. Thankfully this morning, I am much more rested after getting solid sleep last night. I read an article last night that one should eat watermelon for better sleep at night. This seems counter intuitive because you don't usually eat watermelon in the evening for the obvious reasons. I didn't try out that instruction even though I have watermelon from Whole Foods in the refrigerator.

Talked with my brother last night getting caught up on all his latest. Megan is moving from her apartment into a small house in Memphis and Erin will be in Houston in no time flat. Flat being the operative word after coming from the part of the country that has rolling hills and four seasons. He also got me up to speed with all things-father. You hear these stories and you rejoice for the good and then you aren't surprised by the bad. The good, Doug has had some very encouraging conversations and has heard loving words he never thought would be voiced by our father. Yet, my father's roommate in assisted living is afraid to be in their room with my father especially at night. And the man has Alzheimer's. Too bad that element of my father is still prevalent and fully operational. My father's friend Thelma, who has helped him with so many areas of life and helped him stay in his home until he broke his hip, sat down with him and had Bible study. He wasn't too thrilled but he did participate. She emphasizes that he is getting closer to meeting Jesus each day and she wants to be assured that he has accepted Christ because you know, the way he has chosen to live his life has not been exactly Christ honoring. Over the years I have heard several stories about his "conversions" and probably back in the early 80's he called to let me know he had accepted Jesus, again. I was happy for him but reserved because by their fruit.... Anyway, she got him to reluctantly confess the fact that he has been saved. We all sure hope so and I am thankful for Thelma and her concern for where he will spend eternity.

I keep thinking about the Naomi and Ruth story. It dawned on me last night that after the big declaration by Ruth to her mother in law, the same declaration that was used in weddings back in the day, that after declaring and pledging to Naomi, she didn't respond in kind. She didn't assure Ruth that she would be a daughter to her, that she would love her and watch out for her in Bethlehem and accept this love spoken by her daughter in law. The Bible says Naomi said nothing in return. Did she take care of Ruth? Yes. Did she treat her like a daughter? Yes. But wouldn't it have been helpful for Naomi to say something in that moment? The Seinfeld episode where George is going to tell his girlfriend he loves her and Jerry asks George, do you think you'll get an I love you in return? You don't want to say I love you and have it just hanging out there in space without the return. I am respecting and loving Ruth more and more each day.

We are back from Buddy's vet appointment. My word, that cat can meow. On the second attempt I was able to get the calm pill down Buddy's throat. The first time I thought it had happened but she had let it slide out the side of her mouth. So, I got her again and this time success. She was a bit groggy until I got her into the crate. So this time it took three techs to hold her down and trim her nails. Not only that but they put the mask on her. She looked like she was wearing something like a S&M cat might wear. Once she was masked, blanketed and held, the trimming didn't take any amount of time. I was at the front desk paying and yes, there was a crazy cat lady bugging the front desk and she was starting to bug me because she acted like she was going to open Buddy's crate door. Her own cat was wallowing and meowing mournfully in its crate while they waited for an open room. Buddy and I listened to Tina Turner on the way back home and that seemed to calm her down a bit. Gee, she is sound asleep right now and I took a short nap myself. Well, we are good for another 6-8 weeks.

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