Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'm Boring Today

Another thought from these past few days and shopping for men's dress slacks in general. I would like to know why stores believe they need an inordinate amount of size 36x29? Where are these short men and why aren't they buying these pants. That seems to be the most overstocked size in all the brands. These stocky short men must live somewhere so if you are in need of dress pants, this area has a plethora of pants in stock in the 36x29 size.

We are having a bit cooler temps than last week when we had July temps in June. For lunch today I defrosted some pot roast I had made and it was a delicious Saturday afternoon lunch. I had one window box fly off into the yard from the front porch on this gusty day. All the other plants were moved to a safe place on the porch and then they were watered. The zinnias in particular were needing a drink. I refilled the bird baths since evaporation is accelerated with this wind. The new trees were watered as well as all the backyard plants.

The phenomenon of Camp Houston on Facebook has been so wonderful. Peggy and Bill took some pics and posted them on Facebook when they made a side trip to Alto Frio Baptist Encampment. Even though Alto Frio is in the San Antonio Baptist Association, a long time ago when Houston's First Baptist was called First Baptist Houston, they were able to get a week to have camp there. Face it there is nothing as beautiful as Alto Frio near Lakey beside the Frio River around the Houston area. Houston camps tend to be hot, swampy mosquito pits. Almost to a person so many memories of camp, campers, sponsors,  cabin skits, shenanigans, mean deans,  recreation time and skits involving dead fish, chickens and pig heads put on by the staff. This is back in the day when no one was worried about salmonella and ecoli.  Oh yes and we had meaningful Bible study and quiet times. There is talk of a camp reunion and a FB group has been formed. Kids that are now adults are posting such fabulous pictures from the 80's and 90's camp. I was fortunate enough to be a sponsor for several years and camp is where I finally got to meet Peggy. All this time in choir everyone kept telling me you need to meet Peggy. Y'all would be fast friends. She was recouping from major knee surgery and when the summer rolled around and someone could not go to camp as a sponsor, I was asked to step in. Peggy and I finally met at a camp sponsor meeting and as they say, the rest is history.
It's Sunday evening. I'm at home with the last bit of a sore throat that is going into coughing up a lung.I have been taking meds and drinking fluids. I have totally rested except for getting a little bit of trash down to the road. It has been a reading day. Which conversationally makes me boring. Good thing Roy is equally as boring this evening. Roy would talk politics but I rule out those conversations after 5:00. I would talk about watching the Made in America OJ Simpson story but Roy is totally not interested in that at all. ESPN did a great job in having that made showing all different angles to the story.

I was getting desperate for real food not junk stuff so I made a trip to the grocery store this morning for essentials. Thankfully, that didn't take long and I was back home in a jiffy. I think working at VBS might be out for tomorrow as well. How appetizing to have someone hacking a cough near food. Yuck!

Today is Father's Day and the pictures on FB have been really good.

Well, that's it. I told you I was boring.

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