Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just Give Me The Countryside

Last night before going to bed I went into the front bedroom just to take a look or maybe just to take in the view. The isolated barn light in the pasture on the other side of the road, the house down the road and across the way that must have a huge electric bill with all the lights around their property that stay on all night long, really all day long as well. I turned my attention to the sky and in the tall tree tops down the road there was a brilliant redish light coming out from the trees. At first I didn't think too much about it after living in a city for years with tall buildings but I realized, uh, you are not in a city but out in the country. That is not a tall building but rather it was the strawberry moon and as I stood there for a few minutes, the moon rose above the tree tops and it was beautiful to behold. I tried to capture the moment but distance and an iPhone couldn't capture the scene. So I went to sleep with the vision of the moon coming over the top of the trees in our little area of immense beauty.

The day called me to other things and so now it is Friday. We welcomed the rain last night, well mainly the plants and trees welcomed the rain. I slept right through it and by the looks of a pottery dish outside we received a little more rain than I thought we would. The red and yellows mixed in with the green on radar couldn't hold together going over the mountains, so it looks like we didn't get the storm part of the rain.

I am recovering from a cold and it has almost taken a week to get past the worst of it. It feels good to breathe again without using my mouth for the main intake of air. Several days this week I forced myself out of the house to take care of much needed errands. Today, I made a grocery store run and it wasn't a force operation, mainly an out of need and I realized when I got home I forgot a couple of items. Thankfully, there was still store made guacamole available. Today it felt like the day before Christmas in the store. It was so crowded and there were clerks restocking something in almost every aisle. The suits seemed to be more involved with people shopping.

After getting everything put away, I went to Turkey Creek for lunch. Love their hamburgers. I am rereading Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry. His style and narrative is such a pleasure to read. So I read my book and ate my lunch in the calm before the storm. Tonight is all you can eat fish and shrimp night. Always a huge crowd.

Tonight I watched the cows across the road a bit before watching Witness for the Prosecution on TCM. All the calfs seemed to be having a fun time of gathering and running. The herd dynamics are interesting to watch and figure out. At first it looked to be a lot of rough housing but then as the group picking up more members as they ran, went toward a very young calf near its mother. I thought these cows are up to no good but it looked like they were just welcoming the baby to the herd. I hope that is what they were doing.

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