Thursday, June 9, 2016

The War On Weeds

The war on weeds rages on here at the house in the mountains, in a valley on a hill. More vinegar has been purchased and a quick mix of the ingredients and I am back out on the back..I mean the side...I am a walking this land of ours spraying weeds in order for them to meet their maker. Even the weeds that make the pretty blue flowers. And why? Because those weeds are dense enough to harbor vermin and their cousins. I went through another gallon of vinegar, Epsom Salts and blue Dawn dish detergent and I have another gallon mixed for tomorrow. It would be so nice to win the war on weeds right by the driveway and eventually cover it with wood chips which seems to work better than mulch on a slope. I never in a million years thought I would ever have the chance to talk and write about hills and hollers. I am so very happy right now. I just got in from watering the plants on the front porch and it is downright cool. I believe since Buddy has retreated upstairs I will go out there in just a bit and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the breezes.

Because of the war on weeds and vines I smell like vinegar. That is ok by me. I went to Ingles to get vinegar because I needed bread and those other things that make our basket look like we are buying for a sorority house. You know Triscuits, guacamole, Dr Enuf, and the like...oh yes chips. Oh and a little something sweet. I did buy salad dressing because what I had was out of date...for my salad tomorrow night. I need to dispose of any and all evidence of out of date food before Dena comes to visit. Peggy and I have teased her unmercifully about out of date food in her pantry. I'm trying to get all foodstuffs to be consumed in compliance. When Dena is here we eat out pretty much and then in the evenings enjoy fruit, cheese and crackers on the porch. It works for us because neither of us are big time cookers. I had to laugh when she texted she had found her Amish cookbook and Mildred and Gertrude's cookbook named Burnt Offerings, neither of which she has used. Lisa P is coming a few days after Dena leaves and staying a little less than a week. She is doing a concert at Newfound Baptist on July 31st. Should be good...will be good.

Since I will not know my schedule until I see all the doctors in Houston, I am kind of leaving August and September open to maybe do one knee, come back and then go back to Houston after autumn and get my other knee done. Haven't decided if that is what I will do but it is certainly something to think about. I will be so bionic and I need to have my monitor replaced. The battery lasts about three years and this is my third year coming up in August.

In the midst of this weed and vinegar talk I must write about something that has so blessed me...I know I am sounding all churchy lafemme. When I wrote about my unexpected travels back to a memory that defined and held me captive for way too long and I am now on the victory side I can see how God has used this horrible thing for good not evil. Through the years whenever I have shared parts of my growing up story there have been many who have emailed or PM me thanking me for sharing and encouraging them. I will have to say I experienced a first response this past week. A friend sent me an email and oh my goodness, she said she wished she had known me back then because she would have helped me beat the_______ out of those boys. I offered I almost would have rathered having her help me take down my father but I guess that is not biblical... I have never ever had anyone respond that way and I loved it! Well first I cried the sentimental tears and counted myself so fortunate to have such a friend. Then I thought she and I would be the ones to say....Today we are handing out lollipops and cans of whoop ass and we are all out of lollipops. Yea Buddy! Puts a spring in your step I tells ya.

Well, since I used the word ass and although technically I can because it is used in the King James Bible, I should probably go out to the front porch and read my Bible.

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