Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Blue Rooster and The Too Fast Logging Truck

Coming home from the Waynesville/Lake Junaluska area rain was my companion for most of the way and as I came nearer toward home it slacked off considerably until it was flat out dry. I was on the home stretch on Old Leicester Highway and coming toward me, around a curve going too fast, way too fast, a logging truck full of logs as well as pulling a logging trailer, it too filled with logs. The truck was way over the double yellow line and in my lane. I quickly had to veer off the road and thankfully I was on the part of the road that isn't just a drop off. I had land, terra firma to keep me upright. I was thankful I hadn't over corrected. These logging trucks around these parts drive way too fast for these narrow back roads. This is the first occurrence of anything like this while driving along these narrow roads. It would have been a shame to have died and I feel pretty sure I wouldn't have made it if we had hit head on, since I had just discovered a great restaurant.

I hadn't planned on going over toward Waynesville today but once again I had restless feet and housework wasn't appealing to me at all. I didn't even go to my usual places. That might have been due to all the construction work I saw going on in the lanes that I would need to go home. So, I made a stop at one shop, looked around, didn't see anything that needed to come home with me and then realized I was famished. The place I had wanted to go eat is in the middle of road work and reconstruction. Neither GPS programs were being all that helpful, so I did it the old fashioned way by looking at a map. I took the scenic drive through Waynesville, passing through downtown and then going straight where I normally take a left. I saw all kinds of interesting places and may have found another little place to eat. They serve lunch but mainly and this is very important for me, their main business is picking up dinners to prepare that evening. I went to the website for more info this afternoon and Kanini's will definitely make it into the rotation. They also have frozen meals. This could be a great find! After twists and turns and detours I made it to The Blue Rooster.

The Blue Rooster is one of those places that you would pass by without a thought. I first heard about it when some of the girls at Robin Blu told me how good the mac and cheese was there. I Googled it and saw their full menu. They had me at fried green tomatoes. It is located in a shopping center, next to the UPS store and down the way from the Food Lion. I didn't even know those stores were still around. It is a cute place and they didn't even mind giving me a table instead of asking me to sit at the bar. It was difficult to make a decision but I opted for the five veggie plate so I wouldn't feel guilty about ordering dessert. Oh my, it was all so good from the cornbread bites to the coconut cream pie. I think the collards were about some of the best I had ever had. I had to put some pics and commentary on FB. The key here is eating your main meal at lunch and then just eating a little something in the evening to tide you over, fruit or veggies or crackers and cheese. Then you walk a lot or ride the recumbent bike.

I never tire of the sights and sounds around here. I cannot tell you how good the fragrance of rain mixed with cut hay smells. There are still some flowers blooming and I am in awe of how quickly things grow around here. The gardens along the side of the road that were just planted a few weeks ago are growing and showing veggies. I am happy I was alert enough to side step trouble from a too fast logging truck today and I am so happy to live here, to have good friends here as well as in Texas.

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