Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Thursday Another Good Day

It is a beautiful morning to go get a haircut but my appointment isn't until early afternoon. I do not have it in me today to go real early and walk around Biltmore Village. It's not that the heat will be too bad, although the humidity is up but it is due to the fact I got very little sleep last night. It was one of those Buddy nights compounded with a 4:00 am round of afib. I did not have it when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom but it was there as soon as I laid down. You seem to get used to the patterns and this bout did not seem to be one that would last long. So I got up again, drank a bottle of water and laid down in the bonus room to kind of sleep and kind of watch I Love Lucy. This morning I listened to several of my favorite episodes. Just like it had come on, it went away just as quickly that early morning round of afib. This morning I feel good but good and tired as well.

I started a new book last night, The Deep South. It is by Paul Theroux and I just finished up his quick venture into Asheville and then on down to Flat Rock. The meat of his book will be like he titled it, The Deep South which is Mississippi, Alabama and some of Georgia. They are short essays so it is easy reading and it will be a great book to pick up and put down but never miss a beat. It would be a great waiting room book but it is huge. Yes, I know I could read it on my iPad but I am not the fan of e-reading that Roy is. I love the feel of a book in my hand. He is traveling the back roads and staying away from the Interstate. Yes, it looks to be a good book on road trips. I like road trips but I am rather picky about who I road trip with...not because of them so much as it is more about me. I am not a good traveler but I have found a good way for me to follow, thus it keeps stress at a minimum. That is just the way it has to be these days. Oh there was a day and it was long ago thankfully, that I could be more like Sargent Nancy on road trips. I was all into making time and seeing everything at the expense of experiencing a few meaningful things. Roy and I road trip well and Dena and I do too. On a side note it is interesting when friends from Texas come visit. We are used to having till 9:00 or 10:00 pm to go and do. Not so much here because you find so many things close at 5:00. If we are trying to cram into a day lots of places I have to give the you only have so much time so what do you want to pick to do or be willing to change to see something else. After reading Giddy Up, Eunice the chapters on Naomi and Ruth got my attention. The book takes the look at an older woman helping the younger one know what to do and the younger woman working and taking care of her mother in law. This morning as I read those chapters in the Bible, I don't believe the road trip from Moab to Bethlehem was all that pleasant. Naomi tries to get the daughter in laws to go back but Ruth hangs on to what are you going to do? Then the famous declaration I will go, your people will be my people, where you die, is where I will be buried and your God will be my God. I mean really after a declaration like that we seem to think it all went well with them, but I don't know. My translation says that neither talked about this or probably much else on the road trip back to Naomi's home. When they arrive in Bethlehem the entire town is so happy to see Naomi. She responds to their joy at her arrival with, call me Mara, for I am bitter. I left full and return empty. Uh, Ruth is standing right there! Wonder how she is feeling? Maybe Ruth was pretty happy to get out of the house and glean and hang out with young women her own age and then of course the Boaz factor is huge too. I noticed kind or kindness is used a lot which really we all need to extend and receive God's kindness with one another.

Today I had a hair appointment at 1:30. I left a little after noon and decided I would go straight to the paid parking lot and start at that point. Even though when I was in high school and heard about people who prayed for close parking and that sounded horrible, I must confess I did just that. I asked the Lord to provide. Amen! He did! There were several open places and one was an easy spot to pull into and would be even easier to back out of. I walked around Biltmore Village and would have had lunch at the Corner Kitchen but the line was out the door. One thing, I kind of stubbed my foot on the pavement, nothing happened, but it is a good reminder to walk this new way and make my brain communicate with my feet. Got my haircut and headed over to Whole Foods where I picked up some lunch and dinner items. It has been a good day. In a few minutes I need to go outside and clean out a bird bath and put a little food in the feeder. The doves are looking kind of sad.

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