Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday....Friday....So Far

This morning the battle scene of the wounded and dead from Gone With the Wind look like it had been played out on my driveway. You know the scene where the camera pans out and there are thousands lying on the ground. Dead ants everywhere. I saw last night where they were moving to which is way across the driveway to where I have been battling the weeds and vines. I'll hit that spot tonight but the battle is real with weeds and ants. These aren't even fire ants and they don't bite you but they eat at your plants and also find themselves wound up and trapped in spider webs. I don't like spiders either but I can only juggle two wars at one time.

SequishShawn had his 5000 mile checkup today. Usually I pack a lot of things to keep me occupied while waiting and here recently it has only been about an hour. With that in mind I didn't bring my iPad but the book I am reading and a small journal. I also usually bring my own Diet Coke and snack items but since the appointment was early I felt sure I would be at The Moose Cafe in time for breakfast. Today they had to align the truck tires and that added an hour to the wait. No problem I'll just get a Diet Coke but the fountain machine wasn't working properly. They did get that fixed. Fortunately no one was sitting in my favorite chair there, so I checked emails and FB then started to read. Out of the corner of my eye I could sense someone was standing close by and determining whether they should sit in the chair next to me. I decided not to make eye contact and continued reading. Finally, the man sat down next to me and said, "Guess you are going to be my date." I don't even remember what I said back to him but it cracked him up. He then let me know that my dating competition was an advisor when you check in and I said, go with the younger woman cause you'll have a trophy date. He didn't miss a beat and said no, I'll stick with you because you're more experienced." We were both eating peanuts so we did have that in common. I checked my phone and he asked me, "are you already cheating on me?" Nah, just checking messages and we laughed and had a delightful conversation. He and his wife have a condo close to Bryson and they go back to Florida for the winter. They had just come back from a six week trip out west where he rode his bike to the top of Pike's peak, hiked the Grand Canyon and I forget all the other outdoorsy stuff they did. The man is 72 years old and fit. He told me stories from their lives and all quite interesting. I shared some of our stories with him. We both have a sense of humor and we both like having fun and laughing. His conversation made that extra time go by in a breeze. We began entertaining our section of the waiting room and we had one lady in stitches. Then his car was ready before mine and we said goodbye. We never said our first names and his last name rhymed with a character from one of my favorite movies. I truly enjoy the friendliness here cause at first I have to admit I wasn't too happy for this man to sit next to me. I think if I was there working on my iPad, we would have never had a conversation. When everything had been aligned and checked out I made my way to The Moose Cafe for lunch now that it was 11:40. They sat me at a table in between tables meant for big groups and wouldn't you know it, a group came in and they sat on the left and right of me. I was dividing them. It was a good thing I was almost finished with lunch but we struck up a conversation. They were a church group and they had just come Lake Lure. I enjoyed talking with them.
It is now Friday. I worked in the garage a bit yesterday and took a large load to the landfill followed by a trip to the Post Office and then the grocery store. I was resting a bit when Brenda called me and asked if I would like to come over for breakfast today. Well, yes, that would be awesome. So this morning I went to her home and had a delicious breakfast of an omelet, bacon, biscuits, homemade jams and jellies, and grits. Yum! I loved seeing her home and we both share that rustic chic taste in things. Her husband Larry has landscaped their yard with beautiful trees and flowers and a Koi pond. From the top of their ridge you can see the TN mountain range. They also have five baby skunks which is not a good thing but they are so dang cute...from a distance of course. We had a great visit and Brenda even sent me home with supper.

There is so much for me to finish up today and I am not even in the mood to do the work but I best be getting myself into the mood. But maybe first a little twenty minute nap.

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