Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good Tuesday to Ya on Thursday

Our home here is still surrounded by a plenteous number of mockingbirds. Being territorial makes them fun to watch as they dive bomb one another and other birds that dare get in the way. For a bit of time they are loyal to their spouse and children, but once the birds have left the nest, it is every bird for itself in the territorial game. I watched a couple of mockingbirds on the back fence last night and the viewing didn't disappoint. There are lots of mockingbirds where we live in NC but they seem content to stay in the tops of trees and sing, loudly of course, from the wires. So it is a treat to once again observe these funny, dive bombing birds but I am missing my cardinals.

The temperature gauge in the car hit a 100 on the way home from the Galleria. Walking into this heavy heat and humidity in the mornings is energy zapping. Roy just emailed me that it was 81 degrees this morning at 5:00 am. Yesterday, the morning began at the doctor office. The building my doctor is in has gone from plenty of parking to grab a space while you can. The spaces seem small and SequishShawn so big. All went well but that's because I did my labs at the end of the appointment. Soon the results will be posted on my online My Chart. Since it was a fasting appointment it seemed like the good thing to eat lunch before venturing out into even worse traffic and road conditions. Many an evening as I have sat on the front porch visions of orange chicken from Fu's Garden danced in my head. Their sauce is the best around. Since I was just down the street and hopefully not too many people filling up parking lot yet, I made my way to Fu's. Grabbed a good parking spot, even able to back in since there was little to no activity in the lot yet. Ah, orange are so good. A quick lunch and then I launched into traffic on San Felipe heading toward Whole Earth Provision Company to check out their Flax clothes. Not too much of a choice on the sale rack but I was able to procure a few items that will work into the fall. The store itself is filled with interesting books, shoes, clothes, and has a huge children's area. Loved looking around and even checked on availability of some shoes I liked, but no dice. All the other big footed women in Houston had beat me to the shoes. That sent me next door to DSW to look around and didn't see anything, well at least in big feet size, that I liked. Then I got brave and ventured over to The Galleria and oddly enough not to go to The Nord but to Macy's. Nothing close by the Macy's end of the garage but I did find a close spot at the Nordstrom end. I didn't walk down to Macy's because almost every time I have in the past, I have experienced a panic attack or a semi attack. I haven't analyzed the reason but I suspect in my nonprofessional opinion that I relive an experience I had early on in this heart journey thing. So into The Nord I went and again I have to say, I'm disappointed in the changes. Maybe it is just me, an older type, that wants the Nord to be what it was in 2003 when it opened in Houston. Gone now is the Home Dept which had become my favorite part in the store. This added to the fact they did away with the customer service area as well as the piano. Instead of the sleek feel of the store it just felt oddly empty. I bought some pants and the trademark, walk around to hand you your bag has left the building. They slop over the bag across the counter just like every other store. Still love The Nord but more so online shopping rather than in person.

Since the Westpark Toll Road is so close to The Galleria that was my choice of the way home and that put me by Hobby Lobby for a quick look in. By this time I just wasn't feeling it because of the heat. That trip was short and I came home and found coolness and comfort on the couch which also included a nap. I think it surprised Roy that I stayed home last evening. On Monday night Peggy and I met Marcia at Escalante's for dinner. We had a great time catching up with each other and there was plenty of laughter to be had. We got the scowl from our waitress to vacate the table and being good people we left her more tip on the table for any lost revenue on her part. Our conversation continued outside but it was limited to my ability to take the heat even with a great breeze blowing.

All in all it was a good Tuesday,

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