Saturday, July 9, 2016

Make A Move...No, It's Too Hot

While running errands I tried not to notice the temperature rising up to 99 degrees and I surely didn't want to look at the heat index. Lucky us, our phones alert us to all things we need or don't want to know and the heat alert kept going off. Oddly, the storm alert was going off on my phone as well for NC.

So, I got a later start to the day, you know just like normal. Anyway, I decided I should go over to Memorial City today instead of running errands around here. I was able to find what I was looking for and well, yes, I did find a few more things than what I was looking for. Since I was close by Three Brothers Bakery, I stopped in to get a few gingerbread men. Three Brothers has been a part of my life since growing up in southwest Houston. Lots of birthday cakes served, danish, cookies and their famous gingerbread men. Then when Roy and I first were married our apartment was close by, close enough to walk over to the bakery on a nice day. So, I relived a little bit of history stopping by the store and yes, those cookies are still made the same way and taste so good. I also made a quick trip over to Town and Country and then came on home.

Well, it is now Friday evening. I have had a very fun day. Lisa P and I met at Lotus for pedicures. Sometimes it is hard to have a pedicure when someone wears skinny jeans and has great difficulty getting the legs pulled up to her knees and even more difficult when it came time to lower them back to their original starting point. That Lisa! We went to Las Alamadas for lunch and then a stop at Bahama Mamas for a cool treat. Since we were close to Peggy's and knew she and the fam would be out on the lake, we went on over. Hot but a good time. Then Lisa and I came on back here and laughed and talked till she had to go on home.

The theme so far is the heat. Thankfully, we are inside keeping cool.

Now it is Saturday morning. Roy and I stayed around home last night. Both of us tired and needing rest. He was up early and out the door for Bible study. It is his Saturday to bring breakfast. I am going to see Dena's new home this morning. I saw it in the framing process and looking forward to the finished product. She now lives about an hour away from Katy which in Houston terms is almost like being separated by long distance Katy to NC.In some ways it would harder to live here and know that the hour drive and traffic would hinder lunches and dinners. I am thrilled for this adventure for her. It was the right move to make.

Well, I better make a move to start getting ready. It's a head washing morning...a saying that came from one of Dena's and my trips.

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