Thursday, July 7, 2016

Three Days Journey....

Greetings from the land of Hou-midity. It's hot here but so thankful for our safe journey and arrival. I am so glad I didn't make a lab appointment for early this morning because I don't think I would have made it.

We got a good start on Monday before noon. We made a side trip close to Blue Ridge Georgia at Merceir's Orchard. It was later in the afternoon so pickings were slim but we were able to get some apple cider donuts to bring back for friends, more of the grits and cornmeal from the local mill, and some early apples. Back on the road to Chattanooga where we had dinner and did a little bit of shopping. July 4th would usually mean a busy day at the mall around here but it was the least busy and the roads less hectic than any other time I have been there. We checked into the hotel and they had upgraded us to a suite. That was really nice due to the extra room with seating area away from the TV. Roy was able to watch and I was able to take a pre-nap before going to sleep for the night. When we went downstairs for breakfast the next morning we had a delightful elevator ride and conversation with a group from east Texas going to youth camp at Ridgecrest in NC. Never made it to Ridgecrest or Glorietta as a student. The reality of student ministry looks the same no matter where you are. Sleepy kids, tons of luggage and lots of laughter. One of the sponsors was quite chatty and I enjoyed her conversation about these kids and how much she loved volunteering with students to ground them in the Word and knowing Jesus but with lots of love and laughter.

Roy and I hit the road before 8:00 am and went through heavy rain in Georgia and Alabama. I think that is some of the rain that we got at home in NC later in the day. We have needed it. Lunch in Meridian and we got to Covington around 3:30. First stop Academy to pick up new LSU gear and then we had a late lunch early dinner at The Olive Garden. They weren't that busy so we were able to get in and then get out quickly. Dessert was at Cafe DuMond in Covington. Oh the bliss of that glorious thought...but I wore black capris, so the powdered sugar was all over me. Dena, Lisa P and I have very fond memories of our experience in the DuMond. Like Dena said, she still laughs at that time and just as much as if it happened yesterday. Roy and I made a Sephora stop cause you know Roy loves all things that pertain to makeup and then headed to the hotel. So suite in Chattanooga and we were on the first floor in a semi designed room for semi handicapped. That is me to a T. We had decided to get up at 4:00 on be on the road to go through Baton Rouge and over the Atchafalaya bridge. That meant we went to bed around 8:00 pm. I was so restless and couldn't sleep because I had a short burst of afib, probably from all the sugar and the stress of driving through blinding rain, that evening and knew I would not sleep well till it settled down. Now this next thing is so funny.... I finally fall asleep but I am awakened by music...I hear choir or a group singing worthy is the Lamb that was slain...and the sound of that fills our room. Now, I hadn't opened my eyes yet and as I hear this music swirling about me I wonder when I open my eyes will I be in heaven? Will I see Jesus and be welcomed by my mother? It was all very thrilling and I took my time to open my eyes cause I knew what I was about to see would be....dare I say it and use the word correctly in a sentence for something truly that would be....AMAZING? I opened my eyes and I was still in a semi handicapped hotel room in Covington with a snoring husband right beside me....and the music was coming from the room next door. Our rooms had one of those connecting doors and that is why I could hear the music for clearly. As the hymn says a foretaste of glory divine.

We actually were on the road by 4:30 am and stopped in Sulfur for breakfast about 7:30 am. We made a Buc-ees stop in Baytown and arrived in Katy about 11:30 to a house with the fire alarm going off. Long story short, hot waiting outside for Fire Department, they inspected the attic and house for evidence of fire and found a sensor had gone bad on one of the alarms. Scary but thankful it was nothing more serious. After unpacking the car and a little rest, we headed out to the Texas Driver License office to renew my license. It was an in person year. Didn't take too long, then a stop at the grocery store. Roy picked up dinner and then I was off to choir practice at Houston's First Baptist. This is the last rehearsal before their summer break. So fun to see friends and to sit between CourtneyS and Lisa P. Heard and rehearsed new John Bolin music and hear about the conference he attended and help lead in Gatlinburg TN with Lifeway and about 600 worship leaders. Exciting times for sure! Left there and drove over to Peggy's delivering apple cider donuts for she and her crew of family in for the holiday. I came home and crashed. No angel loud air conditioning....just the sound of a snoring Roy and that my friends is a sound I can sleep through....well, most nights anyway.

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