Saturday, July 23, 2016

All Is Well...All Is Fun!

All is calm, all is foggy, all is peaceful and my heart full. I am having such a fun week with one of my best friends. All is well. We have been, as in the words of Johnny Cash, everywhere man. Tuesday we stayed around Weaverville. Wednesday, we did the Burnsville, Micaville, and Little Switzerland excursion. Thursday we went to Waynesville and helped the local economy quite a bit and ended our day at the Biltmore Estate eating dinner on the Veranda. Since it was pouring down rain when we arrived, we went back Friday morning after having breakfast at The Moose Cafe. We went back to Waynesville because we found out where the artist's gallery that we have looked for...for a long time in past years and this artist is much beloved by the Dayspring Life Bible Study class. Can't think of the artist's name this morning. (her name is Gretchen Clasby...Dena has just now come downstairs) We walked into the Gallery with skies being overcast but not necessarily rainy. When we left it was pouring rain. We checked the radar and it would be a while before the skies cleared, so we braved the rain and walked to the truck. My running days are long behind me. Soaked to the bone, we made our way toward home with a side trip to Canton to see the paper mill. Yes, I am that great of a tour guide! No, the reason we did the drive by is because Dena's career marketing and communications included paper mills. Doesn't everyone remember the slogan she came up with? " You likes the paper and inks, but making that paper included the process that stinks," Ah yes, the smell of money as they say. We stopped for supper at Turkey Creek. Delicious! The rain followed us from Waynesville and it poured and yes, we got drenched once again. Too bad the rain didn't follow us home. While we did get some rain, not the amount that moved through the surrounding area. We settled in on the porch and invited Brenda R to come by and sit on the front porch with us. She brought tomatoes from her garden. Yum! We sat on the front porch and visited and talked like it was 1949 or maybe 1959. We had a blast with occasional laughter thrown in for good measure. Dena and I stayed up past our bedtimes and as a result I slept till after 8:00 and she is still asleep. Buddy has finally situated herself on me that makes both of us happy. It is difficult to type with half a cat on the keyboard. Thankfully, she came to her senses and has moved back off the keyboard with half of her on the chair and the back half on my leg.

Roy bought a suit at Nordstrom with the assistance of one of the fine associates of The Nord yesterday. Nothing like texting pictures of suits and ties on the backroads of NC. It looks good on him and needed just a few alterations. He has been able to get away with blazer and slacks for dressy events the past few years, but he has a business dinner coming up that requires a suit. He has suits but from long ago and back in the day. Business casual is such a blessing until you require a suit.

For the second year in a row Dena and I have seen the colorful display of a rainbow from the front porch. It was kind of a double rainbow, but the second one faded out a bit very quickly. The birds are beginning to return to the feeders and we have seen lovely cardinals and all types of finches.

Yesterday was the hottest day. It was tough in Antler Hill Village but we rested and kept hydrated. We had the joy of walking with two employees of the Biltmore from the parking lot down to Traditions. Rachel is over the retail and Nick, in I T. Of course we had a blast visiting with them and I was able to tell them about Norma, a retail associate, whose kindness and friendliness has developed into a friendship over the years. Rachel loved that story and asked if I would email what I told them to the website and letters and emails like that are read aloud in management meetings. Loved that I was able to share an experience that has been a part of our coming back year after year and the total fun of us purchasing a home here.

I have rediscovered a love of my childhood. When Vivian and I went to the original Mast General Store several weeks ago, I bought some rock candy on string. Rock candy is nothing more and nothing less than sugar, crystallized sugar. Imagine my delight when I found rock candy already in little tiny pieces so you don't have to be patient for your sugar rush at the Mast store in Waynesville. Well, let's just say the trip from Waynesville to the Estate was quite a rush.

Ms Sleepy Head is up and we will soon be off to Weaverville where she is getting a spray tan. I will be at the grocery store.

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