Monday, July 11, 2016

A Logical and Orderly Update

The pace I have been keeping of late needed to be supplemented with a nap this afternoon. I have kind of gotten out of the habit of the Sunday afternoon nap, only having one once in a while but today when Roy asked what time I would like to be awakened, I gave him a time because if he didn't I might just sleep through the afternoon and evening.

After a fun and full Friday with Lisa P, I was ready for a fun Saturday beginning with a trip to a foreign land to see my friend's new house. OK, she doesn't live in a foreign land but only in Spring TX. North Houston area is like a foreign land to me. I almost always got lost trying to find the tennis courts when we would play HLTA matches in the Woodlands. North Houston is just a place to pass through going somewhere else or at least that has been the thought in the past. When Dena took me to see her house being built in January, we had to go the most confusing way, at least for me to get there since TX 99 wasn't completed yet. Now 99 is open and it was a breeze to get there...a long breeze but so worth it. Her home is beautiful! She had made brunch for us and it was delicious. We had an all too brief time of catching up but that doesn't even concern us cause we know we have extended visiting time ahead. I came back to Katy, rested a bit and then took off for SW Houston to spend the evening with friends who had been a part of the Tuesday Night Bible Study with Beth Moore praise team. Not to scare anyone that I led with them, I am their mascot. Oh my goodness, we had the best time and laughed hard at stories we shared. Lisa P, CourtneyS and I introduced the movie The Bad Seed to them. It is always best to see that movie for the first time with a group. I stayed out much too late and way past my bedtime. Pro-lots of lighting on the drive home. Cons-it is a long way home. I have gotten used to being so close to just about everything I do in NC.

Saturday night into Sunday morning was rather short, but I got up and went to church. The pastor at First Baptist takes a sabbatical month every summer and filling in for him Sunday was Dr Fred Luter, Pastor of Franklin Avenue Church in New Orleans and past president of the SBC. God gifted that man with preaching and teaching. I love to sit under his teaching although I always leave the service while hearing him with a cramp in my hand from writing so quickly and so much from his sermon. The worship led by the choir and orchestra of First Baptist was God honoring and the bonus, Lisa P singing Say Amen with the choir. But wait a minute....that's not all. Dayspring, my former Sunday School class, is studying prayer and using a book by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. Carole Lewis, one of the teachers of the class, is friends with Jennifer. So, Jennifer was in Dallas for a conference, flew in to Houston, taught Sunday School and then flew out to spend time with the grand kids. Double cramped hand time because Jennifer is a great teacher and so logically puts her talks together. I had to leave class early but I ordered her book Altar'd on Amazon when I got home.

Roy fixed ribs and veggies on the grill, then I napped the afternoon away. We also had a surprise visit from our friend David who brought a book to me that he thought I might enjoy and he thought right.

The appointments with doctors begins tomorrow. Thankful to have the driver's license taken care of.

When I recouped from surgery in January - March here, I think my focus truly was on rehabbing and getting back home in the mountains. So, I didn't notice how much our home in Katy has Roy's fingerprint throughout and there is less of my touch here. Well, I almost totally "shopped" from our home for furnishing our home in the mountains. The things I have noticed is Roy likes having little gadgets around. He has a thermometer in the garage to remind him it is hot. Uh, I just go by feels like on that one. He has a squeegee in the shower. We purposely had ribbed glass installed because we are not squeegee people but apparently, we must be. Roy has this not for looks but to keep the humidity levels down in the bathroom. There are all kinds of kitchen gadgets he has added. He has an orderly and logically arranged home. Uh, yes, me too only NC is arranged in my orderly and logical way.

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