Friday, July 29, 2016

Change Is In the Air...Cause Difference Was Already Taken

While driving back from Waynesville yesterday I saw very few political signs in yards but I did see one that made me laugh. It said Vote for????? Everyone sucks! Yep, that about sums it up but I did notice signs in yards that said pray for America. Asheville tends to be on the liberal side of politics but the surrounding area of the counties around it leans to the conservative side. It is an odd place to watch politics both local and national.  I am not a political blogger or even a FB posting advocate of politics. It is interesting to watch how "spin" takes the place of truth and creates a narrative that we want to believe but kind of know in our heart of hearts, someone behind the scenes has written the words spoken by speakers on the national stage of conventions and their words are trying to sway us to one side or from another. Some can buy into the spin others spin the spin and disagree. It is all a mess. I have watched bits and pieces of both conventions but not enough to matter. If I am going to watch TV, I would rather watch The Simpsons reruns on FXX or maybe a little of The Andy Griffith Show. I have been so busy that I haven't even had time to lament the passing of Garry Marshall.

This was an early morning with an appointment at the Toyota dealership. Yes, I have almost put 5000 miles on the truck in a month. With Lisa coming in and a few other excursions in the works, I knew I needed to get this taken care of sooner than later. I was there for just about an hour. I brought Phil and Cody Goode Company BBQ sauce back from Houston. I had several errands that needed to be run, so I skipped the usual breakfast at The Moose Cafe or at Another Broken Egg and got about the day taking care of this and that. I've been home for a little bit and have just about finished up my cleaning. There are a few things left to be done but I will get them done later in the evening.
It is Friday morning and even getting up early, I am behind. I missed Roy's call this morning while loading the dryer but I called him back as soon as I had seen he had called. He wasn't in work mode yet, so he was rather chatty.

This morning the sun's dappled lighting of the valley is especially beautiful. The small birds have been visiting the backyard feeder more. The several sets of cardinals make the yard beautiful as they fly quickly through the air space surrounding the house. Last year I had one sunflower and this year I have several. There are also flowers along the driveway that I didn't plant. So thank you little birds.

Last night I fixed red beans and rice and along with that I had sliced tomatoes from Brenda's garden and cornbread that I made from the mill in Georgia. It was quite good if I do say so. Once Lisa's visit is over, I have got to get back on the good food wagon. Good as in healthy and it will be hard because apple cider donut season is upon us. But I have a big picture to look at and a relatively short amount of time to try to accomplish things.

The backyard is filled with butterflies. This past week more have gathered at the butterfly bushes and lantana. Sometimes the plants seem to be dancing as the butterflies go from bloom to bloom. I saw something this past week I had never seen...two butterflies, swirling and whirling about in the air, like in a battle but I'm thinking it could be a mating ritual. One of the butterflies, drops onto a rock and then rolls over and falls to the ground. It is flitting and trying to right itself but to no avail. The intensity of the fight for life got my attention. The thought came to mind that maybe I should go out there and put the butterfly out of its misery. After all the gyrations and movement, the butterfly righted itself, stood on its spindly legs and then rose through the sky, seeking out the offender butterfly and began it all again. This scene gave me hope but it also told me don't interfere or become involved or contribute to the death of an idea or dream, others and mine. Don't step in too quickly in the name of mercy...let the one who is in the fight right themselves and while they are flitting and flailing encourage and support them. It ain't over till it's over.

In the midst of needed errands yesterday, I made a quick stop at Barnes and Noble in Biltmore Park. They had the magazine I was looking for and the paper package from another magazine being offered for a limited time. The young man, that's old person speak, that rung up my purchases was so pleasant to visit with. When asked about his day, he said it was good but technology was getting him down. Uh, welcome to my world and mindset. When I left the Toyota dealership my bluetooth wasn't synced anymore with the truck and had to turn around and Phillip helped me get reconnected to the 21st century. So the Barnes and Noble guy and I had a short conversation on whether we were upset with technology or technology is upset with us. The chip reader was being difficult with my credit card but it wasn't the reader, it was my inability to put the card in correctly. Gee, just when I finally mastered the all important swipe of credit cards on the machine technology changes.

Speaking of change...I better get ready for the day. This is not a political commentary when I say this but, change maker? That's what they came up with for Hillary? This will date me but I see her on an ice cream truck, driving about the neighborhood with one of those coin changer belts on making change for purchases icy cold treats.

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