Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Just So Thankful

Good Tuesday Foggy Morning to You! It has been sometime since I last blogged but there are good reasons why. Dena came back with me and left on the 26th, Lisa arrived on the 30th and it has been non-stop fun since her arrival. I did have those few days in between to gather my thoughts and straighten up the house. This is the second visit for both Dena and Lisa to our home. They are kind of finding their way around up here.

Lisa's flight arrived Saturday afternoon and to avoid the long traffic snarl on 26 we stopped in Hendersonville at The Moose Cafe for a late lunch. Great food as always but we had the delightful experience of meeting Tabitha, who was our server. What a blessing! When we left the storm clouds were gathering and that made our plans change over to returning to the freeway and not taking the back way home. The heavens opened up but it quit raining by the time we drew closer to the house. We both knew we had strawberry pie waiting for us since Brenda had dropped off a couple of slices earlier in the day. The rest of the evening was spent on the front porch enjoying the cool temps and of course watching the birds and any other little animals that might want to come our way.

Sunday morning Lisa sang two songs in the service. I love when Houston and NC friends meet and fellowship. We decided to cobble together lunch here at the house and it turned out pretty good. Lisa worked on music and I napped and did a few other things. We were back at church around 5:15 for her sound check. Oh my goodness! The concert was wonderful and so worshipful. Lisa sang a variety of songs, jazz, country, gospel and contemporary. After church was the 5th Sunday gathering and so all God's people gathered for good snacks and appetizers. We stayed up way too late Sunday night and it made Monday morning hard to awake and get moving.

Monday we went to Micaville and then over to Waynesville to eat a late lunch. Shock of shocks, The Blue Rooster was closed for vacation. We headed over to the Smokehouse and they are closed on Mondays. So, we went to Bogarts. I have always wanted to go there. Always has lots of cars in the parking lot and the reviews are good. We were not disappointed. We ordered steaks and they were so good. We left stuffed and a little bit in pain. Good thing we had been doing a lot of car dancing on the way over there to burn calories. We also made opening day at Barber's Orchard. We made it late in the day but there were still some apple cider donuts. We got some for Bill and Vivian and of course for us as well. We ended our evening on Vivian's back porch complete with some delicious pie. She made a pie from a recipe that is over 100 years old, Brown Sugar Pie. It was the bomb diggity!

This morning we are easing into the day. Nothing pressing this morning but we have things to take care of for tonight. So glad to gather with friends once again and let them get to know Lisa P.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to live here and take in all the beauty of the mountains and farms. I'm thankful for good friends here and thankful for friends from Houston who come and visit. I am especially thankful to Roy for letting all this happen because of his sacrificial love in providing for all this to happen. And not least by being last, thankful to God for His provision and protection and for His healing.

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