Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All Up To Date, Territorially That Is

I think it ironic that the territorial male hummingbird sits on a shepherd's hook that says WELCOME in our backyard to chase away any other hummingbirds that might invade his conquered territory. He is on patrol early today. I love watching those flights of fancy.

The day is a bit overcast and the forecast is 50% chance of rain. Not that the 50% chance means we will get any. I have learned this summer we live in an area called dry ridge by all the oldtimers and locals over a certain age. I have also learned this summer how to shuck corn and keep most of the corn silk in the husk and off the corn. I love learning these kinds of things...also before de-corning a cobb, run your knife through every other row of corn and split the kernels. That helps get the corn milk out of the cobb for creamed or fried corn. And last but not least, do not cut the corn off too close to the bottom of the cobb or you'll have more cobb taste than you'll want.

I keep thinking about the verse the pastor used last Wednesday in the funeral service Brenda and I attended. It is Ephesians 4:28b and he used that verse to describe the man we had come to pay our respects to. His friends that spoke at the service basically said the same thing, the man was honest, you never had to doubt where you stood with him and he was a hard working man. The story of how he had come to own his farm was a tribute to those words. At the age of 13 he began working for the couple that owned the farm and he kept helping them through the years. He kept the farm running when the Mr died and when the Mrs died years later, he found out that she had left the farm, the house, furniture and all the equipment to him. He had worked that farm after his regular job hours. Wow! But the verse in Ephesians begins, if you are a thief, quit stealing...instead work hard with your hands and be generous. That's my paraphrase. I think most of us stop thinking about the verse when we read quit stealing and we think, well that's not me. I don't steal. But that whole last part of Ephesians 4 is set up like used to but don't...instead be this. So much to think and meditate on...especially the anger part and not giving a foothold to the enemy. I do know this, coming from an anger and fear background, I love life so much more not being angry over every little thing or taking things personally. Keeps the heart beating steadily and in rhythm.

You know today was one of those ease into the morning kind of day. I had begun a little bit of cleaning but some reading drew me in. I got dressed but that's about it. Kitchen a mess, books stacked up everywhere...which I don't think as clutter but as part of my decorative scheme. I heard something on the back deck and my first thought was snake....but I knew a snake didn't make that much noise or at least I hope it doesn't. It was my friend Karon. She got the full non makeup non hair did and a messy house but I was happy to see her and she came bearing a gift. Yehaw! She brought me a beautiful metal birdhouse that looks perfect in the color scheme of our home...if you could even see a color scheme today. I had also gotten a text from Vivian asking if I would like to come by and do a taste test of the coconut cake she had made. Well, I had to pray about it... The cake is delicious and between the layers is lemon curd...coconut cake and just doesn't get any better. We did a little catching up on the back porch and then I was on my way back home.

Our neighbor has thinned his herd a bit but has added several new cows to the mix. Gee, what does it mean when I am all up to date with the neighborhood cows?

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