Monday, August 22, 2016

Adventure and Dreams Await

This has been a quiet afternoon only being interrupted by a Buddy meow now and then. It is the kind of afternoon I have needed even with having one of the best Saturday night sleeps I have had in a long time. I made cornbread and red beans and rice for lunch but not as soon as I got home from church. No, I came in and rested a bit before fixing lunch. It has almost taken a month and a half for my body to recover from the heat of Houston in the two week visit this summer and then going through the hottest summer here, ever! Which doesn't even compare to Houston but nevertheless, heat is not kind to me. It has rained several times but nothing heavy. I am extremely thankful this afternoon.

I am so excited to be a part of the launch team for Mark Batterson's new book Chase the Lion. Just like with Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson, I didn't think I would get picked because of my age but on the application they asked a little bit about you and since Mark's books, like I know him personally and call him Mark, but you know....anyway he writes and teaches on dream big or having a God sized dream...that only God can do. Until the book is delivered, they have posted the first two chapters for us to read. I have been reading and re-reading those chapters online and should print them out because I need to highlight just about every sentence. Yes, I know I can highlight on line but it isn't the same to me. This morning before church and after reading the Sunday School lesson, I pulled out the much loved, underlined, written in book of Walking on Water by Madeline L'Engle. Her words so encouraging just like I find Mark Batterson's to be. One quote from his new book I like is, "The best way to discover your dream is to help other people accomplish theirs." That is a good word because for many years I couldn't tell you what my God sized dream was but I could see and help others with their dreams. On the application I wrote that I was on the adventure of a lifetime. In fact today on the this day thingy on FB, it reminded me that we had put an offer in on a house close to Balsam Mountain and we felt there were other offers as well. I liked the house okay, it was a great house in terms of liveability and for guests but the view, while good, wasn't the one I was really looking for. On the day before we put in the offer our real estate agent and I had visited the house that we now own....yep there in the details, the people on Balsam Mountain accepted another offer and we began the process of turning in an offer on this house and like it is said, the rest is history. Peggy has always teased me that I didn't ever do adventure in life but our definitions of adventure are different. Like coming back from the dead with my heart, well that was an adventure for sure. I think moving to an area of the country that you have fallen in love with over twelve years of vacationing there and moving knowing only one or two people is quite the adventure in my book. I learned a lot by walking with a friend in the adventures and dreams of her life several years ago and I began to understand, not from having a mission statement or purpose statement, but from seeing how God plants a dream in your heart and how it comes to pass. Moving here of course is a dream come true but the God sized dream that we have, mainly I have, is to go even further and help others have time away from stress and the rat race and all the things that take our attention. Another quote from Chasing the Lion I like is this, "A God-sized dream will always be beyond your ability, beyond your resources, Unless God does it, it cannot be done! But that's how God gets the glory."

So a part of the happiness of late is our new roof that will be installed in the next couple of weeks. A red roof, but not a Red Roof Inn. There were three colors of red, although my first choice started out being a gray/silver but how fun is it to have a red metal roof? Well, I am thinking quite fun. So I have been sharing and showing our choice when given an opportunity cause, I am dang excited about this. When I was a kid, I had a friend who talked about visiting her friend Go Go with the red front door. She never ever called her just Go Go, it was always the whole title because this friend thought it was exciting that she had a friend with a red front door. Josh mentioned shutters if we wanted them in the same color but I need to find out if we can get paint not for shutters but for our front door, which by the way is red, but I want to make sure it matches the roof.

Good Monday Morning! I slept in just a bit. When I went to sleep I wasn't feeling a 100%. Maybe too many naps yesterday. Anyway, it is a beautiful Monday morning. This week promises to hold less humidity and lower temps. Welcome...the end of summer! I saw the red leaves in Biltmore Village along the sidewalks and some of the professional photographers who spend time up on the Parkway have been noting the red leaves strewn here and there as well. With the rain yesterday the clouds were low on the mountains and filling in the valleys. I had to stop and take pictures before going into choir.

I bought into Olympic watching rather late and now I'm glad that I will not be tempted to stay up rather late watching everything. Well, now the day has officially begun, Buddy has come downstairs. Guess my next order of the day is getting her some treats.

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