Saturday, August 27, 2016

It Could Have Been A Different Story

Good Morning! A better night's sleep and the fog has burned off quickly. The coffee tastes especially fine and I am contemplating my breakfast choices. I totally missed National Waffle Day and I had Eggo's in the freezer. One of my very favorite Seinfeld's was on last night, the can't spare a square episode.

And it is now Saturday evening. I need to pick out my church clothes in a minute because if I don't do this the night doesn't go so well on Sunday morning. Yes, I never returned to the blog yesterday but I did think about doing so...just didn't. Late in the afternoon I got the notice that Barber's Orchard now had honeycrisp apples. If it hadn't been so late or if I lived closer, I would have gone yesterday. Oh my goodness! The joint was jumping...lines long. Lots of people there for the honeycrisps but others there for the corn and squash. People had called ahead to reserve both of those items. Shopping carts were a premium, so I asked the lady loading up her car if she was finished with her cart and I brought it in. A lady reached over and grabbed the cart and told me she would take it from there and then I told her what I had done and she apologized. So I did my shopping there, got out of the mess of people and returned home. Took care of putting things up and then I headed to the grocery store. It was one of those days. It seemed this one gentleman was the bane of my existence in the store. He cut in front of me, slowed me down all while talking on his phone. I paid for the groceries and loaded them into the truck but the cart wouldn't cooperate, so I put it in front of the truck to keep it from rolling and went back to putting cold stuff in the cold bag I brought. Well, guess who parked next to me? Yep, the formerly mentioned man and he backed out and his mirror grabbed onto the truck door. No damage for SequishShawn but he had a pencil sized dent by his mirror...he asked me to just straighten out his mirror, I told him about the dent and he shrugged his shoulders and continued on his way. I took the cart back inside the store, got into the truck and then got a little upset. It was the combo of very little sleep, the lady at Barber's running her cart into me several times, this guy and now I worried that he had hung around while I took the basket in so he could get my tag number. I called my attorney...I mean Roy. As a side note, I think Roy gets bored on the weekends so he calls me alot. I mean by 3:00 pm, he had called me five times. Most of the time he caught me I was someplace where I couldn't hear him or our call was breaking up. So, I call him and he starts teasing me about something and I finally asked him if I could tell him what had happened. Now, thinking this is the weekend and he has been so relaxed and funny, I thought I had compassionate, I got work mode...loud talking...order giving...Roy, the attorney. He told me I could have told the story without so many details and then began to number out for me...the steps to take if this guy contacted me etc... I interrupted him. That's enough! I don't need to hear "here's the deal" again nor do I need the loud talking and could I have just a cup of compassion? He became...calm, nice Roy.

When I got home, I put up most of the groceries and then sat down and just took some time. Buddy came and sat on my lap for a bit. It was good to just settle. I had eaten lunch at the Mexican restaurant and read Chasing the Lion. It is so good and speaking into my life. But I do think that people get confused with the terms big dream...if you're not scared, your dream isn't big enough. I think we all tend to think big dream means huge, world changing some huge ministry or something but I don't think that is what that means. The dream I have will affect people yes, but I will be happy if a small number are able to experience it and see the Lord work in their lives. Mark writes about those chance meetings and things that happen to us and change our lives. The book is also confirming what I have heard in my spirit the past couple of years.

I will sign off with this little funny. I was outdoors in the early evening yesterday checking bird feeders and also getting ready to put out more potting soil. I had gone back into the garage and as I was coming around the corner into the backyard, a big brown and white boxer was coming around the same corner. It scared the pee waddling out of both of us and thankfully I had taken care of the pee waddling aspect before going outside or it could have been a different story.

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