Monday, August 15, 2016

Battle Roy-Al In The Backyard

Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like to welcome you to the Sunday Afternoon Battle Roy-al featuring two hummingbirds, a variety of birds and butterflies. In the backyard we have champion fighters and a few bullies. Even a peace loving dove has gone to the bully side. Right now, the hummingbirds are taking on all comers. A female cardinal has accepted the challenge and at last glance she has gained ground in getting access to the bird feeder that in all actuality, hummingbirds shouldn't care about cause they are all about that sugar water baby! The hummingbirds sit on top of the shepherd hook and it is as if they are preening while waiting on the next bird or butterfly come lately. There is plenty for everyone but they'd rather expend energy chasing each other around, through the air with the greatest of ease instead of loading up on energy. And I only thought the cardinals were quick in the air with those brilliant red flashes of color. My lunch was quite entertaining. I'm so glad we didn't put a TV downstairs. The bunny and chipmunk have stopped by as well but they don't seem to notice all the activity in the sky. No, they have their noses to the ground eating great bird seed that I scattered away from the house for them.

Yesterday didn't turn into the day I had planned. A pottery maker in Madison County is opening up a retail location in Asheville. They were having a sale of older work and some seconds, priced to go. I wasn't all that interested in the pottery but more so seeing their studio and how they work. Many times the studios are located in areas of limited access. So the plan was to get up, get ready and get out by 10:30. But...Friday night was not a good sleep night and I was so tired Saturday morning. I didn't get that early start and after a few phone calls it was looking more like an early afternoon jaunt. While I was on the phone with Brenda, the fire alarm goes off...then stops. A few minutes later it goes off again...then stops. I texted Vivian and she would send Bill over when he got back home. I checked the fire alarms upstairs, all the lights were burning green. They only fire alarm that Roy and I hadn't messed with is the one downstairs because I didn't think there was a battery in it. Bill checked it out and the battery still good. While I was waiting for Bill and cautiously doing things here at the house I went to The Google to see what might cause the alarm to go off when the cause isn't batteries. Dust...well, now..wait a minute...ok it could be dust or little bitty spiders...ugh, think I will go with the dust excuse that can cause the alarm to sound. I also found out in my research that smoke alarms need to be changed out every ten years. Bill then confirmed that and said if I go get the smoke alarms, he will install them for us this week. Now that's an offer I can't refuse. I decided I should just stick around home and so I did a little house cleaning and such but enjoyed reading and watching the birds also.

Last night was not a good night for sleep either. I had a minor health issue in the night and once I settled back in and got Buddy settled down, I was able to fall asleep but morning came early. I fell back asleep and I almost overslept Sunday School. Yikes! I was able to get ready and out the door and arrived before class started, even though Inez and I found the door shut. I suggested we kick the door in but level heads prevailed and Inez just opened the door. We were in the book of Ecclesiastes today. Lots to cover and so interesting.

In Monablog fashion it is now Monday afternoon. Had such a fun day with Brenda taking her to the Blue Rooster for her first visit. I'll have to write about that another day.

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