Thursday, August 18, 2016

Catch Up Time

According to the weather gurus our hottest days are behind and we can turn toward fall. This has been a rather warm summer for the area with high 80's and low 90's. I know Houston friends are thinking well, those temps are our spring temps but on the fifteen day outlook low 80's are the highs. Even one local weather guy says next week will be open windows at night worthy. I've noticed a few brown leaves and some of the annual flowers are beginning to fade out.

I did exactly as I had planned yesterday, lots of reading, some writing and a little working on projects. Those are good days. Quiet and serene with a little rain and a little bit of thunder thrown in for good measure. There was a little something added to the day. I was sitting here reading just after having a delicious sandwich, a tomato sandwich and as I read a small fruit fly was being a nuisance. Engrossed in my book and not paying attention, I breathed in that fruit fly...didn't swallow it but breathed it in. I got up so fast out of this chair...jumping about and blowing my nose with such focus and intensity. Eureka, fruit fly was extracted and I was rather happy with that development. Reminded me of that old song...of course with words changed, " I know an old lady who breathed in a fruit fly. I don't know why she breathed in the fly...but it died."

It is now early evening. Brenda and I went to the funeral today of Tony Lewis. I did not know him but know his wife. The funeral home was packed out, people standing in the halls and we were with a group sitting in the back rooms watching the service on TV. Such a good, low key service. Two friends spoke, several songs and the minister the church the daughter goes to did the service. People from all walks of life were there. Coming from a background of presentation over real I so enjoy the simple ways of presenting someone's life.

Now it is early Thursday evening. It was an early morning as I went to Biltmore Village early enough to find a parking spot. Then I had breakfast at Corner Kitchen. That place was hopping for a Thursday morning. Got my hair cut and made a little trip to The Screen Door and I found something that needed to come home with me. I'm still trying to determine where this little industrial table will go. I found it at one of my favorite booths. The guy has really interesting things and they are priced well. Good thing I came on home because Josh came by early. His company is installing out new roof. We are getting a metal roof in a dark red color. The bright red was too red and the barn red was too orange and a little bit too much UT for us...that's University of Texas not Tennessee. The metal should be delivered next Thursday or Friday with the work beginning after that.

Since Josh had come early in order to beat the storm, I was able to get some errands ran in the rain but it was finished by the time I got through. I put up groceries and then settled in for a quick but much needed nap.

I saw some red leaves on the ground in Biltmore Village so maybe we are making that turn toward fall. Next week is supposed to be cooler and less humid. Well, little miss priss is up from her nap. She is knocking my phone and mouse off the arm of the chair. She is demanding attention and I better give her some.

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