Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Catch Up

I am spending time at one of my favorite places on this earth, The Inn on the Biltmore Estate and I am doing one of my favorite things. I'm sitting by the window in the room watching the ever changing sky of the mountains in the distance. My little view at home mesmerizes me and can stall any needful actions but if I had this view all the time, I think very little would ever get done.

It has been so fun having Lisa P here in the house, both ours and the Biltmore's. We have had a blast this week.  Yesterday, we had breakfast at Brenda's and we were treated very well to her delicious biscuits and all the rest. She even had a devo for us after we ate. Lovely and a lovely time. We came back home for me to throw some things into a suitcase and head on over to the the Inn. I was having a difficult time yesterday morning thinking of things etc... We got here and checked in early, although the room wasn't ready. No prob, they stored our suitcases and we were off to shop and see all we could see. After doing some very fun shopping we came back, found our room ready. Found a very nice surprise from Dena for a Happy Birthday. Lisa and I had 6:00 pm reservations at Cedric's, so we had a delicious dinner...are all our dinner delicious, yes! I had a bison burger and now when I drive around the block to see the bison by our home I can say, sorry I ate your cousin the other day to the bison I see. Roy always gets the bison burger and now I see why. Lisa got the salmon and we enjoyed the appetizer of calamari. I was gifted with a free dessert compliments of the Inn and we chose the strawberry rhubarb truffle. Yum! We walked around Antler Hill Village and found shelter in Traditions from the brief but heavy rainstorm. Once the rain disapated we went up to the winery to look around in the shop. We caught the shuttle and once again headed back to the Inn. Both of us called it an early night and I fell asleep during Seinfeld.

This morning we were up bright and early, so we had breakfast...I must add that of course it is delicious. I got to see Edward for a few minutes. We had a great reunion. He is still the hardest working man here. I love to see newbies to the breakfast buffet here face. The waffles are so light and the fruit is really good too. We headed over to the house to get our pics taken in the house and then came back to drink coffee and tea in the lobby. Then the all important shopping once again and then Gale arrived to go to the house with Lisa. So that is where you find me now after making a quick trip home to check on Buddy and to wish her a Happy Birthday too. We were both born on the same day. Mike the Mower Man was there and we talked about upcoming lawn things. And with great haste I returned.

I am so thankful for these days. And for the opportunity of a lifetime to live here in these mountains. God's creation can certainly be experienced here.

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