Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Few Friday Things

This is a totally easing into the day morning. I have nothing concrete on the schedule except a few things that I would like to take care of and if it happens today, great and if not...great. I stayed up again to watch the Olympics. Swimming is deceptively powerful. It looks so easy via the camera to glide through the beautiful blue or sometimes green water but even though your eyes are relaying that your brain knows better, that there is a lot of hard work involved. Gymnastics, I have appreciated since childhood but also knowing that tall girls are not cut out for that amount of tumbling. Better to watch volleyball or basketball if one is a tall girl for inspiration. Last night toward the end of Simone Biles floor exercise the power went need to fear, we have a generator that kicks in but it was a short burst outage and everything came back on but you know the TV is messed up from that. So you are waiting for the modem to kick back in. Saving grace was the fact I knew the outcome and I knew I could catch it on Twitter a little later.

I sat out on the porch till around 9:00 last night. A great breeze and the cows were quite entertaining. I had sliced up some cantaloupe which was quite sweet and refreshing. It doesn't take long to appreciate fruits and veggies that haven't traveled that far from where they were grown. I am ruined for store bought apples and peaches. The Amish store is offering the ability to buy concord grapes from New York. It is tempting but they are seeded grapes. Yes, it has come to this, I am too lazy to pick out seeds from fruit. Thank you seedless watermelon for spoiling me.  Why when I was a little girl, we ate seeded grapes and watermelon while we walked three miles in the snow to school, even in the summer.

It is now evening and the day turned out differently than planned. I've been on a major clearing out of things, so I decided to take a couple of bags of trash to the landfill and not wait until the regular pick up. It was three dollars well spent. Now mind you, yesterday I was dressed really nice but today I am in work clothes and work makeup which means very little makeup. Uh, for those whose minds go to Smutville, I had on the regular amount of clothes. Anyway, I ventured over to the mall. I don't really like the mall but I needed to check on a magazine at Barnes and Noble. It's not on display yet but the walk is rather short to Belk's, so I went there. Found a lot of 50% off things, with a 20% off coupon. Then I went back to Barnes and got two books I have been thinking about purchasing. I made a quick trip across the street to Whole Foods. They had peeled sliced oranges and at a really good price. Yes, I just a few paragraphs ago owned up to not liking seeded fruit but when you can find sliced oranges I don't care how much of a dilettante it makes you, it is a must purchase situation. Then I came on home.

Roy has this fancy dinner thing tonight and when this whole thing began, it was formal dress but with all the heat and humidity, the latest update changed to business casual. He is wearing gray slacks and a blazer with a tie in a jacket pocket just in case.

Last Saturday Roy met his brother Mike and Mike's wife Deborah for lunch in the Woodlands. They were in town for a wedding. Sounds like the Woodlands is a whole 'nother world when it comes to parking, kind of like City Centre. Roy had a nice visit with them. Deborah was telling Roy that I should take magnesium and the good news is I already take it. Once all this stuff started you better believe I did research to figure out how I might be able to help myself. Now that I know I will be having knee replacements, my knees have been acting up a little more than usual. I am taking this as a sign unto me that getting this done is the right decision.

I have settled in for the evening. Have lots of things to read and projects on the schedule.

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