Saturday, August 6, 2016

Easy Saturday Morning

This past month has been a whirlwind of activity. A trip to Houston that was filled with fun and appointments. Then Dena rode home with me and we had a fun week going and coming; doing and relaxing...oh and yes, who could forget the eating. There was that four day break to recharge and clean, then Lisa P arrived last Saturday and we too were coming and going, relaxing and doing...and oh yes, eating. We capped our week off with a brief stay at The Inn on the Biltmore Estate because everyone should stay there at least once or fifteen times and to celebrate my birthday for the 29th or 62nd time.

Our last morning at the Biltmore as we are most likely to do, Lisa P and I were laughing and talking, joyful even though it was the start of the day that Lisa went back home. In our own world we were talking about this wonderful breakfast and unlike yesterday morning where the fact of the food overwhelmed us and we forgot to pray...that is until Lisa saw the woman across from us pray for her meal. Oops, we forgot but stopped at that very minute to thank God. This morning the man who filled our water glasses came back to our table and asked us how long we had known each other. Well, we think the late 80's but we are not sure...most likely the early 90's. He said it showed and was obvious we were good friends and it made him happy to see that. Just the day before in the bookseller store by the Biltmore House the clerk asked us if we were best friends. Lisa beat me to it by saying no and then a quick yes. We must remember that we are salt and light and how we treat one another is on display.

It seems rather quiet this morning. Another foggy August morning. We didn't watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics last night but from the talk on Twitter, you either loved it or hated it. I fixed a delicious dinner of fried bologna sandwich with fresh garden tomatoes and sat on the front porch for a bit. Our sunflowers are beginning to hang their heads, so I went to the Google to see about removing seeds. You see I didn't realize the seeds are under the the yellow center and they can either be saved for next years planting or roasted and eaten. Well, there ya go. So, I took the flower heads and did what The Google told me to do, place them in a paper bag for drying purposes unless you want to share the seeds with squirrels and birds then you leave them on the stem and ya takes your chances. Maybe I can do the area beside the driveway next year with sunflowers.

Roy and I were talking last night once again about the benefits of living in the mountains, even with a warmer than usual summer. My energy level is higher here and the heat is short enough in duration to weather a hot afternoon knowing a cool breeze of an evening will come. The apple orchards are beginning to open and that is always an exciting season but it heralds the news that produce season is coming to an end. Although we have several more months to go. Roy wants to tackle a few projects around here and we need to begin looking toward replacing the front porch and the back deck.

Well this easy Saturday continues but there are things to be done.

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